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The Vault-Tec security armor and Vault-Tec security helmet are a type of armor worn by vault security personnel in Fallout 4.


The armor consists of a bulletproof vest and shoulder pads and can be worn over various clothing parts including, but not limited to: Vault jumpsuits, various fatigues and harnesses.

The Vault-Tec security helmet is a separate component of this set. Just like the armor pieces and vault jumpsuits, this helmet has a dirty and a clean variant.


Name Damage Resistance drIcon shield silver Energy Resistance energyIcon electrical Weight Value Base ID
Vault security helmets
Vault-Tec security helmet (clean) 5 0 2 20 001d8853
Vault-Tec security helmet (dirty) 5 0 2 20 000821b6
Security helmet 5 0 2 20 00156c0b
Vault security armor
Vault 81 security armor (dirty) 6 0 5 13 00154f10
Vault-Tec security armor (Vault 111 dirty) 6 0 5 13 000821b4
Vault-Tec security armor (Vault 111 clean) 6 0 5 13 001d884f
Covenant security armor 6 0 5 13 00156c0d


  • Vault security armor can be found on Vault 81 security members or Officer Edwards.
  • The Covenant security armor and helmet can be found on compound guards in the Compound.
  • A Vault security helmet can be found at University Point in the first building to the left upon entering the campus, then to the left when entering the building.


  • Both clean and dirty helmet variants share the same name and model in the inventory. Therefore, the only way to figure out which helmet is the clean/dirty one, is by equipping it.
  • The Vault 111 version was cut from the game. The asset is complete and as such, can be spawned from using the console.


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