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The Vault-Tec lab coat is a piece of clothing in Fallout 4.


This outfit is a cleaner version of the lab coat. It provides no damage resistance whatsoever, instead, it adds 2 Intelligence.

Wearing the coat prevents the use of any sort of armor padding and chest armor. Head wear can still be worn while wearing the coat.


  • Worn by Vault-Tec doctors in Vault 111.
  • The Vault-Tec lab coat can be obtained during the quest Human Error. After fighting your way to the sewer, you'll see two people wearing the lab coats. One of the people wearing this lab coat is hostile so you won't have to start a fight. The other lab coat is seen worn by Dr. Chambers, who you can kill for this outfit.
  • May be found as random loot inside containers throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Three can be found sitting on top of the lockers used as coffins in Vault 81's secret vault just before reaching Curie.
  • Anne Hargraves sells them.
  • Worn by Tach Blythe and Vault-Tec scientists.
  • May be sold by Becky Fallon.