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A list of mostly all constructible settlement items added in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.

Settlement objectsEdit



  • Vault
    • Domestic
      • Domestic - hallway (two short, one long variants)
      • Domestic - transition to utility
      • Domestic - hallway w/ window (one or both sides)
      • Domestic - 3 or 4 way
      • Domestic - corner
      • Domestic - doorways (three variants)
      • Domestic - stairs
      • Domestic - stairwell (right or left)
      • Domestic - prefab (6 different pieces)
      • Domestic - endcap (wall or doorway)
    • Utility
      • Different themed domestic
    • Wide halls
      • Wide hall
      • Wide hall - 3 and 4 way
      • Wide hall - doorway (two variants, left and right)
      • Wide hall - corner
      • Wide hall - end (two variants)
    • Rooms
      • Common
        • Common room - wall (flat or doorway)
        • Common room - window
        • Common room - mid
        • Common room - corner (flat or doorway to the right or left)
        • Common room - corner (pillar)
      • Cafeteria
        • Different themed common with more two wall variants
      • Clinic
        • Different themed common
      • Nursery
        • Different themed common
      • Overseer
        • Different themed common with new variants for wall, window and mid
      • Quarters
        • Different themed common
      • Security
        • Different themed common
    • Atrium
      • Total of 40 pieces
      • Atrium - prefab end (left or right)
      • Atrium - end (left or right)
      • Atrium - ceiling
      • Atrium - floor, wall and/or top (many variants)
      • Atrium - hanging floor (many variants)
    • Doors
      • Door (sliding)
      • Window (normal, with bars and overseer window)
    • Railings & stairs
      • Stairs
      • Bridge (4 variants)
      • Railing (11 variants)
    • Supports
      • Supports (6 variants)
  • Doors
    • Vault door


  • Beds
    • Bed (clean)
  • Chairs
    • Chair (7 different chairs, 9 color variants)
    • Bench (4 variants)
    • Table
    • Ottoman (two color variants)
    • Couch (three variants)
    • Stool
  • Containers
    • Vault trunk (clean or dirty)
    • Desk
    • Dresser (two variants)
    • Locker
    • Hamper
    • File cabinet (two sizes and two color variants)
  • Shelves
    • Shelf (two different styles, 8 total pieces)
  • Tables
    • Overseer desk (generic, clean)
    • Table (7 variants)
    • Side table
    • Counter (three variants)
    • Desk (two variants)
    • Desk addition (two variants for each desk)
    • Kitchen table (three variants)
    • Cabinet (two variants)
    • Coffee table (two variants)
    • End table (two variants)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Cart
    • Nightstand
    • Sink (clean)
    • Toilet (clean)
    • Water fountain (clean)
    • Dispenser (two variants)
    • Pommel horse[2]
    • Weight bench[2]
    • Counter
    • Ottoman
    • Projector
    • Television (three variants, clean)


  • Floor coverings
    • Floor mat (1x1, 2x2 and 4x4)
    • Floor mat (one 2x2 and three 4x4 variants)
  • Wall decorations
    • Signs
      • Construction-themed signs (10 variants)
    • Miscellaneous
  • Vault
    • Statues
    • Posters
      • Vault-themed posters (clean)
      • Vault-themed posters (dirty)
    • Signs
      • Room name (door)
      • Room name (wall)
      • Vault - arrow (left or right)
    • Miscellaneous
      • Console (three variants)
      • Crate (small, 5 color variants)
      • Crate (tall, 5 color variants)
      • Crate (wide, 5 color variants)
      • Crate (big, 5 color variants)
      • Tree (Christmas themed, two variants)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Jukebox (clean)
    • Ashtray (clean)
    • Radio (clean, tuned to Classical Radio)
    • Speaker (tuned to Classical Radio)
    • Stereo (holodisk recorder/player, clean)
    • The Sicilian Espresso Machine (clean)
    • Trash can (clean)



  • Guard posts
    • Control post
    • Security desk
    • Guard post



  • The vault door under Structures > Doors is sort of a scaled down version of a Vault door, and is a reference to Fallout 1[6].
  • A lot of the new objects added are simply a clean version of the ones already on the game.
  • The new vault power conduit transfer power from and to vault structures, that do transfer power as if they already have wiring. This not only saves a lot of space and resources, but also allows for better looking structures, without needing to run wires all around.


  • pcIcon pc The stairwells at "Structures > Vault > Domestic > Domestic - Stairwell" or "Structures > Vault > Utility > Utility - Stairwell" (the ones that go from one floor to another but changes direction inbetween) seems to be "broken", where the player can easily go up and down, but no NPCs are able to use it, simply ignoring that it's there. Generic settlers and even Overseer Barstow will often group at some random spot or simply stop at the beginning of the stairwell instead of using it. If they work at a level and their beds are located on a different level, where the only access is through that specific stair, they will often group all at the same spot and stay there when it's time for them to sleep, unless you fast-travel or "wait" on a chair or bed, making them teleport to their beds and get "trapped" on that floor. [verification overdue]
  • Different structures do not 'seem' to be broken, the snap fit connections simply do not exist. One cannot snap fit the super plush but different cross sectional Overseer apartment build to the main Atrium and having fiddled the main overseer circular Atrium hole to align with the main Atrium hole-or gap- one cannot then exit the room by any stairs since none will snap fit.One ends up with an isolated Overseer room overlooking the main Atrium as seen by visiting Vault 81 yet cannot snap fit any descending parts to get to the ground floor or any exit to allow entry or exit. The offending piece for connecting the Overseer apartment with OVERSEER WINDOW (314) to a lower level Security room with security desk and guard in the cave is STRUCTURES-DOMESTIC-STAIRWELL (209).or horizontally any DOMESTIC PIECE will not connect.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 This object is only available to be built during its related quest, and can only be built once
  2. 2.0 2.1 This object can be used by settlers and the Sole Survivor, and gives a happiness boost to the settlement
  3. It works as a normal settlement terminal, but with some additional features
  4. It cannot be built, and isn't listed on the workshop menu, but can be found and used at Vault 88
  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 5.3 Its building cost, requirements and generated resources may vary depending on which one of the three parameters were selected during the prototype phase

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