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It's some kind of huge super mutant creature! And it has a very large gun!

— In-game description.

Vat Team 9 is a squad of super mutants residing in the Mariposa Military Base in 2161.


Vat Team 9 is a special containment squad who are part of the Master's Army, who were stationed in the room near the cell block access elevator to deal with any potential disturbances caused by prisoners or unsavory elements (such as the Vault Dweller). It consists of three super mutant soldiers, with the sergeant wearing classic super mutant armor.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Vat Team 9 will be hostile to the Vault Dweller on sight, thus need to be killed. However, walking in prisoner status before "dipping" will trigger dialogue, that allows to trick the mutants.



Vat Team 9 appears only in Fallout.

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