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This is a transcript for dialogue with Street vendor.

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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hello again. Feeling thirsty? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Howdy! Interested in a refreshing beverage or a tasty snack? 2
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetStationMerchant01Topic000 What do you sell? Neutral 50 Non-alcoholic beverages and snack foods. The casinos get to sell booze. No one else does. 3
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetStationMerchant01Topic001 Let me see what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Take your pick. 4
Let me see what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Of course! I've got a special discount for special people, like you. 5
Let me see what you have for sale. Neutral 50 A friend of The Strip's a friend of mine. 6
Let me see what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your business, but dealing with you carries extra costs. 7
Let me see what you have for sale. Neutral 50 I'll sell to you, if only to get you out of sight as soon as possible. 8
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetStationMerchant01Topic002 Tell me about the Strip. Neutral 50 It's the most amazing place in the world, don't you think? This must be what it was like to live a thousand years ago! 9
Neutral 50 There are three casinos open for business - Gomorrah, The Tops, and the Ultra-Luxe. They get nicer in that order. 10
Neutral 50 This here's the monorail station leading in from Camp McCarran. Most of my business is with soldiers coming and going on furlough. 11
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetStationMerchant01Topic004 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Come back anytime! 12
Goodbye. Neutral 50 See you soon, friend! 13
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, don't cause me any trouble, okay? 14
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetStationMerchant01Topic005 Do you work for one of the casinos? Neutral 50 {confident}Nope, strictly independent. {having second thoughts}Well... kind of independent. 15
Neutral 50 To vend anything here on the Strip, you got to register with one of those police robots and sign a franchisee agreement. 16
Neutral 50 At the end of each day, you keep half of what you made. The rest, you hand over to those bots - and they know if you're cheating. 17
vFreeformTheStreet02VStreetStationMerchant01Topic006 Mr. House gets half of each day's take? Neutral 50 Yep, he makes the rules. It's steep, but it sure beats living in North Vegas. Here on the Strip I can afford to eat, and no one tries to kill me. 18