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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Can I help you? 1
vFreeformTheStreet02Topic000 I'm looking for Ambassador Crocker. Neutral 50 You can find him in the main embassy building inside the gate and to your left. 2
I'm looking for Ambassador Crocker. Surprise 5 Uh... I'm afraid Ambassador Crocker is no longer here. You might want to talk to the receptionist for more information. 3
vFreeformTheStreet02Topic001 What is this place? Disgust 5 This is the NCR Embassy. {Sarcastic} Our little slice of heaven on the Strip. 4
Neutral 50 The main building houses administration while the other building is the MP headquarters on the Strip. 5
vFreeformTheStreet02Topic002 What's happening on the Strip? Neutral 50 The usual. Troopers getting drunk and causing problems. Like that's a surprise to anyone. 6
Happy 5 Hell, I plan on getting drunk once I'm done with my shift. Maybe even head over to Gomorrah for a good time. 7
What's happening on the Strip? Happy 15 You hear about the girls dancing in the fountain? What I wouldn't give to see that show. 8
What's happening on the Strip? Neutral 50 Not much other than the Brahmin being chased down the street. That's a little unusual even for the Strip. 9
What's happening on the Strip? Neutral 50 I heard some of the Troopers are sneaking up on the rooftops and lounging around and drinking beers instead of working. 10
Neutral 50 They'll be in a world of trouble if Captain Pappas catches them. 11
What's happening on the Strip? Neutral 50 Someone thought it would be fun to put graffiti up everywhere. At least I don't have to clean it up. 12
What's happening on the Strip? Neutral 50 More of the same. People gambling, getting drunk, and having a good time. 13

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