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Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Happy 50 {exulting - you won lottery - you weren't killed} Yeah! Who won the lottery? I did! 1
Happy 55 Smell that air! Couldn't ya just drink it like booze!{laugh, slightly maniacal} 2
GREETING Happy 50 {exulting - and player is interrupting your buzz} Stop bothering me, will ya! I won the fucking lottery! 3
GREETING Happy 35 {exulting - and player is interrupting your buzz} Fuck off! Win your own fucking lottery!{laughs} 4
VNiptonvNiptonSurvivorTopic000 Are you feeling all right? Happy 50 {exulting- you won lottery so you weren't killed} {are you fucking stupid?} Are you kidding me? Never felt better! 5
VNiptonvNiptonSurvivorTopic001 What sort of lottery did you win? Fear 50 {Exulting - you weren't killed} What lottery? {emphasis on "The"} The lottery, that's what lottery! Are you stupid? 6
Happy 50 Only lottery that matters! {exulting in being alive} Oh my God smell that air!{slightly maniacal laugh} 7
VNiptonvNiptonSurvivorTopic002 Are you a Powder Ganger? Neutral 50 {exulting - so filled with joy you're not sure what player asked you} Powder Ganger? What? I mean, yeah, used to be, sure! 8
Neutral 50 But not no more! Powder Gang is small-time, man! I'm a winner! I won the motherfucking {go big on "lottery"} lottery!{laughter} 9
VNiptonvNiptonSurvivorTopic003 You're the guy who won the lottery. Anger 50 {suddenly angry} Lottery? You remember the lottery? 10
Neutral 50 {attacking the player} Goddamn you! I don't need to remember that! 11
VNiptonvNiptonSurvivorTopic004 Do you remember the message you were told to spread? Surprise 50 {bewildered} The message? You know about that...? 12
Surprise 50 {bewildered} There was some kind of message, but... I don't seem to remember it. 13
Happy 50 {Jubilant again} Yeah... that air! Smell it! 14

Conversation Edit

vNiptonSurvivorBarks vNiptonSurvivorBarks Neutral 50 {exulting} Hey, Nipton! Eat me! 15
vNiptonSurvivorBarks Neutral 50 {exulting} Who's the winner? Oliver Swanick, that's who! Yeah! 16
vNiptonSurvivorBarks Neutral 50 {exulting} I won the fucking lottery, hear me! So fuck y'all! Whoohoo! 17
vNiptonSurvivorBarks Neutral 50 {exulting} Ain't gonna see me up on a cross or my head on no pole, uh uh! That's for {emphasis} loooooosers! 18
vNiptonSurvivorBarks Neutral 50 {exulting} {chanting} I am a win-ner! I am a win-ner!{delighted laugh} 19

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