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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Sharing knowledge with an outsider organization. I knew Veronica couldn't be trusted. 1
Neutral 50 We tracked your movements a long way. But it was worth it to catch her in the act. 2
Neutral 50 Passing Brotherhood secrets to outsiders is the lowest form of treason. What have you got to say for yourself? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 We heard Veronica talking with the Elder. We won't stand for this. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 What is this? Veronica brings an outsider into our home, then has a private audience with the Elder? 5
Neutral 50 The two of you may have the Elder fooled, but we know better. 6
Neutral 50 Veronica has always twisted the Founder's principles to her own ends. We will not stand idly by and allow her to corrupt our Elder's thinking. 7
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic000 It won't be a problem. She's leaving. Neutral 50 Leaving? Into exile? Good. Save us the trouble. 8
Neutral 50 But mark me well. Any hint of treachery or thought of return and we will erase the both of you from existence. 9
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic001 Won't stand for what? She plans to respect the Elder's decision. Neutral 50 Respect, nothing. She plans to whisper in his ear. Poison him against the Codex. 10
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic002 You don't have a say. Go back in your cave. Neutral 50 A paladin always has a say where the Codex is concerned. Veronica's aspirations are seditious. 11
Neutral 50 All of us here are sworn to obey and protect the Codex, even against one of our own. She's gone too far this time. 12
You don't have a say. Go back in your cave. Neutral 50 No... this has to end now. 13
Neutral 50 Execute them. 14
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic003 Ideals are strengthened by the challenges they endure. Veronica's questioning did you a service. Neutral 50 Hmmph. She'd be doing a greater service by carrying out her duties and not trying to undermine the elder's authority. 15
Neutral 50 This had better be the last time her loyalty falters. You've been warned. 16
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic004 Uh... Veronica just said those things to test you. She didn't mean it. Neutral 50 You're pathetic. Hide behind words all you like, but your cowardice shows through. 17
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic005 This isn't your place. You're neither Head Scribe nor Elder. Neutral 50 Their sentimentality prevents them from administering justice. 18
Neutral 50 Our duty is to the Codex above all, something your companion has forgotten. And that gives us the authority to {emph} make it our place. 19
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic006 I will cast down your Codex and bask in the dying agony of those who hold it dear. Neutral 50 {Fearful} No. No! 20
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic007 I don't get what the big deal is. Neutral 50 High Elder Maxson didn't just found the Brotherhood. He defined it. To serve in the Brotherhood is to serve his ideals. 21
Neutral 50 Our way of life is based on them. We know no other path. There {emph} is no other path. 22
Neutral 50 With her... leanings... Veronica spits in the face of every Knight, Paladin, and Scribe to serve in our ranks. 23
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic008 It was all her idea. Neutral 50 That doesn't matter in the slightest. You are an accessory to treason simply by association. 24
It was all her idea. Neutral 50 In the name of the Elder, I hereby sentence you to death. 25
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic009 She hasn't shared any secrets. You don't have any proof otherwise. Neutral 50 She has made her intentions plain. We will not risk any further damage. 26
She hasn't shared any secrets. You don't have any proof otherwise. Neutral 50 Did you just-? How dare you belch in the face of a Paladin of the Brotherhood of Steel?! 27
VMS49VMS49PaladinLeaderTopic011 Your face must be pretty ugly to always be wearing that helmet. Do you wear it on dates, too? Neutral 50 {Insulted} No, I don't wear it on{...dates} - Enough. 28