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This is a transcript for dialogue with Alvarez.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 This had better be good. You have a lot to answer for. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 What can the Followers of the Apocalypse do for you today? 2
VMS49VMS49DoctorAlvarezTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Please... leave us alone. 3
Goodbye. Neutral 50 Take care of yourself. 4
VMS49VMS49DoctorAlvarezTopic001 This is Veronica, formerly of the Brotherhood of Steel. She's interested in joining your cause. Neutral 50 The Brotherhood? Well, this is unusual, I must say. But very welcome. 5
Neutral 50 There's certainly a lot we could learn from your technological expertise. 6
Neutral 50 Doctor Schiller usually handles placement, and he won't be back until tomorrow. If you could come back then, we can see about your assignment. 7
VMS49VMS49DoctorAlvarezTopic002 I need healing. Neutral 50 I'm afraid I'm not that kind of doctor. I'm a research scientist. 8
Neutral 50 You may want to try Old Mormon Fort in Freeside. They should have a doctor on duty. 9
VMS49VMS49DoctorAlvarezTopic003 Can I join the Followers? Neutral 50 Possibly, but I'd be the wrong person to ask. You'll need to speak to Dr. Schiller, who's on an errand at one of our other stations. 10
Neutral 50 He should be back tomorrow. 11
Can I join the Followers? Neutral 50 No. 12
VMS49VMS49DoctorAlvarezTopic004 What do you do here? Neutral 50 This is just a site for local Followers to pick up assignments and check in. 13
Neutral 50 So most of the time we're just taking care of logistics and coordinating with other checkpoints over the radio. 14
VMS49VMS49DoctorAlvarezTopic005 Is Dr. Schiller here yet? Neutral 50 No. We don't expect him back until tomorrow. 15