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This is a transcript for dialogue with Carlyle St. Clair III.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Keep away from me, if you know what's good for you. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Keep your distance. Who are you, and what do you want? 2
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic000 Your naked body, stud. Go into the dumpster and I'll meet you after I change. Neutral 50 The dumpster? That's filthy! {surprised, not disgusted.} 3
Neutral 50 I can't tell you how much that turns me on. Takes me back to my youth when I used to fool around with the help at our estate. 4
Neutral 50 I shouldn't... but... it's been so long. And when is this ever gonna happen to me again? Okay, you're on. Don't keep me waiting, gorgeous. 5
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic001 I'm just here to talk. Neutral 50 Yeah? What about? 6
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic002 You keep tilting your head to one side. Is your neck okay? Neutral 50 It's been stiff lately. Since I was attacked I've been afraid to sleep in my bed. I know it's irrational. 7
Neutral 50 Now I can't hardly sleep at all. I just nod off from time to time. I'm so tired. 8
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic003 I can get that out for you. <Apply Sleeper Hold> Neutral 50 Oh that feels nice. I can already feel myself rela... {getting massaged, falling asleep mid-sentence as he says "relaxing"} 9
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic004 Try breathing deeply three times and then blowing on your thumb. Neutral 50 Really? Is that some kind of ancient Chinese secret or something? Well, what the hell. I'll try anything once. Here goes... 10
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic005 Did you know there's a nerve in your neck that helps you sleep? Neutral 50 Ouch! What the hell? I don't think that did any- {"Anything." He collapses mid-sentence.} 11
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic006 Look out, behind you! <Pistol Whip Carlyle> Neutral 50 Are they back? 12
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic007 Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Make it quick. 13
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic008 You. You don't seem like you fit in here. Neutral 50 That obvious, huh? Yeah I'm not from around here. But where I'm from, they don't want me, so that's just as well. 14
Neutral 50 Really with my reputation, there aren't many places I can go that'll have me. My own family's blackballed me, and they've got a lot of clout. 15
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic009 Never mind. Neutral 50 Whatever. 16
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic010 What's so bad about your reputation? Neutral 50 Oh, sure. That's all I need. Someone telling people around here about my reputation. I'll be run out of here before dawn. Forget it. 17
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic011 Joining the White Glove Society could clear your name. They're respected. Neutral 50 I've heard of them. Ultra-Luxe, right? Yeah, that'd be a step in the right direction. They'd never have me, though. 18
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic012 Talk to a man named Mortimer. He's looking for some big-name new members. Neutral 50 Yeah? Okay, maybe I will. Hell, anything's better than this. Thanks. 19
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic013 Er... join the White Glove Society. They're cannibals, but that's probably a step up for you. Neutral 50 What? Are you crazy? 20
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic014 Maybe my weak and flimsy hands can massage that out for you.<Apply Sleeper Hold> Neutral 50 What the-? Don't touch me. I could get a better massage from a baby. 21
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic015 Maybe beating your head on a rock will fix it. Neutral 50 Who are you, again? 22
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic016 Did you know there's a nerve on your neck that helps you sleep? It's... uh... I know it's here... Neutral 50 You're weird. Please stop that. 23
VMS18VMS18CarlyleStClairTopic017 Look out, behind you! <Pistol Whip Carlyle> Neutral 50 Huh? Hey, I think you dropped your gun there. Here. Here you go. Just don't point it at me, okay? 24
Neutral 50 I'm paranoid now, and even though you clearly don't know how to hold that thing, it'd be one less thing for me to worry about. Thanks. 25

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Uh huh. 26