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This is a transcript for dialogue with Robert House as a securitron at the Legate's camp.

Topics Edit

VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Neutral 50 You know, I've had thousands of employees in my time. Few met my expectations, fewer still surpassed them. {You know, I never had much time for a family - if I did, you'd be the daughter I wish I'd had. SelfBenny was almost like a son to me, but well...} 1
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Happy 10 Your performance has been nothing short of spectacular. If I have need for a {beat} "specialist" of your stripe again, I'll know just where to turn. 2
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Happy 10 Back to Vegas, shall we? {to yourself} I really should do something about that monorail - with all the new resources at hand... 3
Neutral 50 I can make sure it not only runs, but runs on time. {Back to conversation with player} Always bothered me, the {disliked word} imprecision. 4
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Neutral 50 {Kimball alive, Oliver alive} {A little reassuring} No need to worry about the General, by the way. He'll be held responsible, publicly disgraced... 36.5% probability of suicide, by my estimate... 5
Neutral 50 Kimball won't be able to save him - he'll be too busy getting thrown out of office. {clueing player in} But less than a 3% chance of suicide, mind you. 6
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Neutral 50 {Kimball alive, Oliver dead} {A little reassuring} No need to worry about the General's "accident," by the way. A mercy, really, sparing him the disgrace of {emphasis} surviving his nation's defeat... 7
Neutral 50 President Kimball may long to avenge his friend's death, but he won't be President long enough to do anything about it. 8
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Neutral 50 {Kimball dead, Oliver Dead} {a little disappointed} The General's "accident" was unfortunate... with Kimball dead, the angry Californian public could've used an alternate scapegoat to pillory... 9
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Neutral 50 {Kimball dead, Oliver alive} {sober} General Oliver will try to make good on his threats, and he'll find support among citizens outraged by Kimball's assassination... 10
Neutral 50 The odds of the Californian public supporting a full-scale {emphasize "re"} re-invasion, however, are slight. My Securitrons could beat them, anyway. 11
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Happy 10 Vegas might see a dip in revenue for a few months, half a year - but soon enough the tourists - and their money - will be pouring in. 12
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Happy 30 In any case, Vegas might see a dip in revenue for a year or two, but eventually the tourists will come flooding back, and their money with them. 13
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Happy 30 Vegas will be a shining jewel in the middle of the desert, an oasis of light, a beacon to show mankind the way to the stars. 14
VFreeformHooverDamVHDSecuritronHouseTopic000 Happy 10 This is just the start, you see. {beat} This is where it all begins. 15

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