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This is a transcript for dialogue with Veteran decanus at the Hoover Dam checkpoint during the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

Topics Edit

VHDLegionBattleVHDLegionCheckpointDecanusTopic000 There's still some fighting back there. Neutral 50 And yet you managed to slip past. Impressive. You may not find the fighting to the west quite so easy to get around, however. 1
VHDLegionBattleVHDLegionCheckpointDecanusTopic001 The area is secure. Neutral 50 Good news, indeed. If only the same could be said for the west. 2
The area is secure. Neutral 50 The enemy is much more fortified ahead, and have snipers set up at key positions, which keep our men pinned down. 3
Neutral 50 In addition, they've managed to beat back our men emerging from the intake tower ahead and secure it. 4
Neutral 50 If we could just get rid of those damn snipers, or release our waiting men in the intake tower, we'd have the manpower to storm their positions. 5
VHDLegionBattleVHDLegionCheckpointDecanusTopic002 How did you get here ahead of me? Neutral 50 My contubernium came up through one of the intake towers ahead and headed east, taking the NCR fools unawares from behind. 6
Neutral 50 Their confusion allowed us to slaughter them like brahmin calves. Unfortunately, my brothers heading west did not fare as well. 7
VHDLegionBattleVHDLegionCheckpointDecanusTopic003 I'll see what I can do. Neutral 50 Any assistance you can provide is welcome, and will mean more of our men to carve through the foe by your side. 8
VHDLegionBattleVHDLegionCheckpointDecanusTopic004 I'll make my way across somehow. Neutral 50 Then I wish you luck, and good hunting. 9
VHDLegionBattleVHDLegionCheckpointDecanusTopic005 Just make sure your men don't get in my way. Neutral 50 Ha ha, Mars favors the bold, does he not? 10