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This is a transcript for dialogue with Centurion at the Hoover Dam intake tower.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Ah, the outsider who gained our master's favor. You prove yourself as cunning as the rumors report. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 I cannot speak long, for my men need direction. What do you want? 2
VHDLegionBattleVHDIntakeTowerCenturionTopic000 Report, centurion. What are your standing orders? Neutral 50 My men await in the tunnel below. I am to divide them between the dam top and the tunnels that lead to the western power plant. 3
VHDLegionBattleVHDIntakeTowerCenturionTopic001 What news of the battle below? Neutral 50 The fighting in the power plant is the fiercest, as expected. But the dogs have been caught off guard, and their positions can expect no support. 4
Neutral 50 However, the pipes below have been sealed, cutting off our men until the dam top can be secured. 5
Neutral 50 I've been diverting half of my men to the tower next to this one. It's a bit of a swim, but the enemy hasn't sealed those pipes yet. 6
Neutral 50 Some of the other centuriae are more stubborn in following their orders exactly, though, and wait in the pipes below. 7
Neutral 50 If you should make it down there, unsealing the pipes again will allow us to spill over the enemy like a tide of blood. 8
VHDLegionBattleVHDIntakeTowerCenturionTopic002 I have to keep moving. Kill a few of them for me. Neutral 50 More than a few, if I have my way. 9
{Speech 60 - Convince the centurion to direct all his men to the dam top}
It is imperative we secure the dam top. Instead of dividing your men, focus their attack here. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Your words have merit... Very well. I shall tell my men to concentrate their efforts here. 10
Screw that. I need all your men dying fo- er, backing me up here. Neutral 50 [FAILED] I have my orders, and they explicitly state that I am to divide my men. 11
{Speech 80 - Convince the centurion to direct all his men down to the power plant}
The power plant is what really matters. Have all of your men attack there. I'll finish things here. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Agreed. If we take the power plant, this battle is over. I'll have my men focus their efforts there. May the Son of Mars go with you. 12
Pffft. I can handle things here. You and your men can hold the power plant until I get there. Neutral 50 [FAILED] Forgive my appraisal of your prowess, but all the same I'd rather send some of my men with you to help secure the dam top. 13

Conversation Edit

VHDIntakeTowerCenturionBarks VHDIntakeTowerCenturionBarks Neutral 50 Move it, you curs! 14
VHDIntakeTowerCenturionBarks Neutral 50 There's still more killing to be done! 15
VHDIntakeTowerCenturionBarks Neutral 50 Keep moving! 16
VHDIntakeTowerCenturionBarks Neutral 50 I will personally gut the first man to slow down! 17
VHDIntakeTowerCenturionBarks Neutral 50 Leave none alive! 18