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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gomorrah entrance guard.

Topics Edit

vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic000 Here you go. <Hand over all weapons> Neutral 50 You'll get these back on your way out. 1
vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic001 Okay. <Keep holdout weapons> Neutral 50 You'll get these back on your way out. 2
vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic002 Nevermind, I'll be back. Neutral 50 Then get the fuck out of here. 3
vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic003 Sorry, no one parts me from my weapons. Neutral 50 You sure you want it to go down this way? You're going to have every Omerta in this place jumping down your throat. 4
vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic004 Yep, let's rock. Neutral 50 All right, this is going to be fun. 5
vDialogueGomorrahGenericvGOMEntranceGuardTopic005 Nevermind, I'll be back. Neutral 50 All right, come back any time. 6
vGOMEntranceGreeting vGOMEntranceGreeting Neutral 50 Hey, no one but Omertas are allowed to carry guns into Gomorrah! Check your weapons with me. 7
vGOMEntranceGreeting Neutral 50 Welcome back to Gomorrah. I know you're good for it, but you're still gonna have to leave your weapons with me. 8

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