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This is a transcript for dialogue with strange man.

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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Are you the Van Graffs' emissary? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 We've already concluded our business. I suggest you return to your employers. 2
VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic000 I am. Neutral 50 Do you have what we requested? 3
VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic001 Maybe. Neutral 50 Don't play games with me. The question was just a formality. Now do you have what we requested? 4
VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic002 I'm sorry, you've mistaken me for someone else. Neutral 50 I don't think so. My men watched you head straight for this location. Now do you have what we requested? 5
VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic003 Who is we? Neutral 50 We were told there would be no questions. Do you have what we requested or not? 6
VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic004 It's right here. Neutral 50 Ah, then our business is concluded. Tell your superiors that we will contact them shortly. 7
VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic005 Where's the payment? Neutral 50 I wasn't informed there was to be an exchange on my part. What are you talking about? 8
{Speech Check - 75}
My employers managed to negotiate a small fee for this drop a short time ago. Neutral 50 [SUCCEEDED] Such a thing is possible. I've been out in the field for some time. Fine, this should cover your grievance. 9
Neutral 50 Now, the package, if you will. 10
Surely you were told to pay the Van Graffs' messenger? Neutral 50 [FAILED] I've heard no such report. I'd have to check with my contacts before agreeing to such an exchange, and there's no time for that. 11
Neutral 50 Now, the package, if you will. 12
VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic007 Never mind, I must have confused this with one of my other deliveries. Neutral 50 Fine, now do you have the package or not? 13
VMS29aVFSSilverRushLegionContactTopic008 What were you informed of? Neutral 50 That you would have something for me. Now do you or not? 14