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This is a transcript for dialogue with Kings gang member at Freeside's east gate.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hey there, you want to cruise Freeside in style, you'd do worse than hire a King to tag along. Only 100 caps. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Something on your mind? 2
VFreeformFreesideVFSKingBodyguardEastTopic000 Sure, let's go. Neutral 50 Now you're talking. Here's how it works, I'll keep nearby for the duration of your stay here, and no one messes with you. 3
Neutral 50 As soon as you split Freeside, I'm off. Nothin' too complicated. That said, lead the way, chief. 4
VFreeformFreesideVFSKingBodyguardEastTopic001 I don't have that many caps. Neutral 50 That's a shame. Well, come back when you do. 5
VFreeformFreesideVFSKingBodyguardEastTopic002 Why would I want you to tag along with me? Neutral 50 Freeside's a rough and tumble place, but it also belongs to the Kings. You have one of us with you, and everyone else'll give you a wide berth. 6
Neutral 50 Makes the stroll a bit more leisurely. 7
VFreeformFreesideVFSKingBodyguardEastTopic003 That's okay. I don't really need the company. Neutral 50 That's what they all say. At first. 8
VFreeformFreesideVFSKingBodyguardEastTopic004 You can stop following me around now. Neutral 50 Cocky, aren't you? Oh well, your call. 9
VFreeformFreesideVFSKingBodyguardEastTopic005 What can you tell me about the Kings? Neutral 50 Nothing while I'm on the clock. You wanna know about us, head on over to our place. It's the one with the big sign that says "The Kings". 10
Neutral 50 You need anything else? 11
VFreeformFreesideVFSKingBodyguardEastTopic006 Nah, let's go. Neutral 50 Lead, and I shall follow. 12