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This is a transcript for dialogue with bodyguard for hire.

Topics Edit

FSBodyguardAccept Here's the money. It sounds like I could use a bodyguard. Neutral 50 You won't regret it, my friend! As long as you're in Freeside, I'll be right behind you, covering your back. 1
Neutral 50 Oh, I should mention that I don't go where I'm not invited, so don't count on me following you inside private property. Ready to get going? 2
I'd hire you, but I don't have the caps. Neutral 50 That is most regrettable, my friend. I wish you well in the meantime. 3
FSBodyguardReject I don't really think I need a bodyguard. Neutral 50 I can't say I recommend that, but hopefully you'll change your mind. I'll be here if you do. Good luck! 4
FSBodyguardWhyHire Why would I need a bodyguard in Freeside? Neutral 50 Ah, my friend, believe me when I tell you that this place, while quite nice when you know your way around, can be very, very dangerous. 5
Neutral 50 There are those who would hinder your every step with requests for your money, your business, or even your life. 6
Neutral 50 With your permission, however, I would be happy to stand between you and those people. How does that sound? 7
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hello, my friend! Can I perhaps interest you in some protection? My services come cheap at only a hundred caps. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 I am sorry, my friend, but I must concentrate on watching out for threats. Please do not take offense. 9
VFreeformFreesideVFSBodyguard03Topic000 I don't need your services any longer. Neutral 50 If you're sure, then I guess I'll take my leave. You know where to find me. 10
VFreeformFreesideVFSBodyguard03Topic001 None taken. Let's go. Neutral 50 Of course. 11

Conversation Edit

FSBodyguardBarks FSBodyguard0101 Neutral 50 Your safety guaranteed! 12
FSBodyguard0101 Neutral 50 Freeside's a dangerous place, my friend! 13
FSBodyguard0101 Neutral 50 Only I can keep you safe, my friend! 14