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This is a transcript for dialogue with bodyguard for hire.

Topics Edit

FSBodyguardAccept Here's the money. It sounds like I could use a bodyguard. Neutral 50 You've made the right choice. As long as you're in Freeside, I'm your man. No one will mess with you with me hanging around. 1
Neutral 50 However, once you head over to the Strip or enter the wasteland, I'm heading immediately back here to pick up another customer. 2
Neutral 50 So what do you say? Ready to head out? 3
I'd hire you, but I don't have the caps. Neutral 50 Oh, for the love of - get the hell out of here, then! 4
FSBodyguardReject I don't really think I need a bodyguard. Neutral 50 Are you sure? Well, don't say you weren't warned. 5
FSBodyguardWhyHire Why would I need a bodyguard in Freeside? Neutral 50 New to Freeside, are you? Trust me, you won't make it ten feet without being accosted by some of our more friendly residents. 6
Neutral 50 I happen to have an understanding with most of the local wildlife, however. With me by your side, they'll kindly find someone else to bother. 7
Neutral 50 So you want to run with the best or not? 8
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You're in luck stranger. You just happen to be talking to the most successful bodyguard in all of Freeside. 9
Neutral 50 And I just happen to be available at the moment. One hundred caps gets you a peaceful, pleasant trip through our fair district. Guaranteed. 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Freeside truly is an interesting place, isn't it? 11
VFreeformFreesideVFSBodyguard02Topic000 It is, but I think I'll explore it on my own from now on. Neutral 50 You're either brave or crazy. Either way, I don't care. 12
VFreeformFreesideVFSBodyguard02Topic001 That's one word for it. Let's keep going. Neutral 50 You'll probably be able to think of a few more before you leave, trust me. 13

Conversation Edit

FSBodyguardBarks FSBodyguard0101 Neutral 50 Protection services for hire over here! 14
FSBodyguard0101 Neutral 50 Safe travel through Freeside! 15
FSBodyguard0101 Neutral 50 You need the best. Hire me! 16