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This is a transcript for dialogue with nightkin at Brooks tumbleweed ranch.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You want to buy Wind-Brahmin? 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Careful, sometimes they escape and I have to round them up again. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Why do you scare my cattle? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Don't scare the herd. 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Leave doggies alone. 5
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic000 Ahh! Where did you come from! Neutral 50 Right here... where did you come from? 6
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic001 'Wind-Brahmin'? You mean the tumbleweeds? Neutral 50 Tumble-whats? 7
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic002 The tumbleweeds? Neutral 50 Doggies! 8
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic003 What herd? Neutral 50 There in the corral. 9
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic004 Oh, you're crazy, aren't you. Neutral 50 Crazy with low prices on Wind-Brahmin. You buy one. 10
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic005 All I see are tumbleweeds. Neutral 50 Yes - the herd. 11
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic006 Okay. Neutral 50 Good doing business - enjoy Wind-Brahmin. 12
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic007 No. Neutral 50 You not buy?! Then you die! 13
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic008 How much? Neutral 50 All. 14
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic009 All of my caps? Neutral 50 They are very good Wind-Brahmin - all caps. 15
VES05NightkinTumbleweedRancherVES05NightkinTWeedRancherTopic010 Okay. Neutral 50 Ha-ha! Stupid human! 16