Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout 2 cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Cut dialogue for John Cassidy, when he was named MacRae


{100}{}{You see an elderly man with deep wrinkles along his face.}
{101}{}{You see John Cassidy.}
{102}{}{Hey now, I ain't seen you around before. I'm MacRae -- I run this place. What can I do for you?}
{103}{}{I'm looking for the vault.}
{104}{}{You looking to get out of here yet?}
{105}{}{What do you have here?}
{106}{}{Anything going on around here?}
{107}{}{Ug Nog}
{108}{}{Nothing today, thanks.}
{109}{}{Vault? Only Vault I know of is the one inside the city. Big friggin' can't miss it, trust me.}
{110}{}{What do you have to drink here?}
{111}{}{Anything going on around here?}
{112}{}{Thanks for the directions. Goodbye.}
{113}{}{Standard crap. Beer for $20, shot of whiskey for $30. Nothing special. You want something?}
{114}{}{You know about the Vault?}
{115}{}{I'll take a beer.}
{116}{}{I'll take a shot.}
{117}{}{What's going on around here?}
{118}{}{Nothing today, thanks. Goodbye.}
{119}{}{Around here? Same old, same old. Bores me to tears most of the time. Why, you looking for something?}
{120}{}{What do you have to drink here?}
{121}{}{Do you know anything about the Vault?}
{122}{}{It can't be that bad.}
{123}{}{Nothing. Bye.}
{124}{}{Ah...hit on the head a little too often, I see. Sorry, I don't speak imbecile.}
{125}{}{Here you go. Drink up. It's about the only fun you'll see in this tight-ass place.}
{126}{}{It can't be that bad.}
{127}{}{Thanks for the drink. I guess I'll be going.}
{128}{}{Look. I asked if you wanted a drink and then told you what it would cost. Most people understand the process. If you don't got the money, you shouldn't have asked.}
{129}{}{Sorry. Thought I had the cash. Not being able to see your money in the dialogue screen creates some problems, y'know?}
{130}{}{Yeah...whatever. I'm out of here.}
{131}{}{It's worse. The Citizens don't drink much, so I'm stuck here giving merchants drinks. The next cheap bastard who tries to haggle for a drink is going to find my boot in his ass.}
{132}{}{You sound pretty fed up with the place.}
{133}{}{Sorry to hear that. What do you know about the Vault?}
{134}{}{We all make mistakes...some more than others. So what do you want?}
{135}{}{What's going on around here?}
{136}{}{Nothing today, thanks. Goodbye.}
{137}{}{Yeah, wish I could get the hell outta here.}
{138}{}{Why don't you leave?}
{139}{}{Go into the wastes by myself? I'm bored, but I'm not stupid.}
{140}{}{I'm heading out that way again. Why don't you come along?}
{141}{}{Well, good luck to you.}
{142}{}{ look like you got enough people following you around.}
{143}{}{All right. Well, good luck.}
{144}{}{You know, that doesn't sound like a half bad idea. Count me in.}
{145}{}{Yeah, what?}
{146}{}{I need you to get out of my way.}
{147}{}{How are you?}
{148}{}{Heal yourself.}
{149}{}{I need you to wait here until I come back.}
{150}{}{You! Ooyag!}
{151}{}{That's it for now.}
{152}{}{OK, everything's stiched up. Let's get going.}
{153}{}{OK, pretty much everything is patched up.}
{154}{}{That pretty much did it, but I could use a couple more stims.}
{155}{}{I used what I could, but I'm still pretty messed up. Got any stims on you?}
{156}{}{Use First Aid on yourself.}
{159}{}{OK, I'll wait here.}
{162}{}{Let's get going.}
{164}{}{Look, you have enough people following your coat tails now.}
{165}{}{Yeah, you go with that.}
{166}{}{Naw...I think I'll pass.}
{167}{}{I think I'm just going to hang around here a little longer.}