VAPL-66 power station

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The VAPL-66 power station is located south-southwest of Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop and northeast of the Dunwich Building.


It is a set of fenced-in power lines and transformers next to a power substation, located in the southwest corner of the map.

Notable loot


  • There is a scripted encounter, where after looting the station, three raiders slowly approach from the east upon exiting the building. If the player is not detected, they continue to the west side of the station where they will remain. Sometimes they may be killed by a yao guai.
  • A drainage chamber containing Signal Sierra Victor's broadcasting station nearby, containing decent loot.
  • Sometimes one may come across a scavenger with his dog attacking a Protectron


VAPL-66 power station appears in Fallout 3.

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