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This is a transcript for dialogue with Bohr.

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GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Greetings! I do not believe we have met before. I have the singular distinction of being designated as Bohr. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Calculating... 2
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic000 Nice to meet you. Neutral 50 A pleasure to meet you, sir. What may I do for you? 3
Nice to meet you. Neutral 50 A pleasure to meet you, madam. What may I do for you? 4
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic001 Skip the introductions. Why are you here? Neutral 50 My, how rude. If you must know, I am here to assist my master Keely in her research. 5
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic002 Have you seen a ghoul named Keely around here? Neutral 50 Why yes, the master was here some time ago. Do you have business with her? 6
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic003 I don't have time to talk, sorry. Neutral 50 Very well, I'll get back to computing these protein sequences, then. Farewell. 7
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic004 Where is Keely now? Neutral 50 I couldn't say, exactly. She went down to the lower levels some time ago and hasn't been back since. Do you suppose something has happened to her? 8
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic007 Perhaps. I'll go down and look for her. Neutral 50 Oh, thank you! The master can really be a bother sometimes, but she has a good heart. 9
Perhaps. I'll go down and look for her. Neutral 50 Now, I must get back to computing protein sequences. Please tell the master to hurry back if you see her. 10
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic008 Why don't you go and look for her? Neutral 50 I have been given explicit instructions to stay here until the master returns. 11
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic009 What can you tell me about this place? Neutral 50 Very little, I'm afraid. I've been stuck here calculating protein sequences for most of our sojourn here thus far. 12
Neutral 50 Master Keely has done most of the exploring. She might be able to tell you more. 13
VFreeformVault22V22BohrTopic010 What are you doing here? Neutral 50 I am assisting my master Keely with her research. We have been tasked with extracting as much of the research that was performed here as possible. 14