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Ustilago noslen is a species of fungi that grows within the caves surrounding Vault 106, following the Great War of 2077.[1]


The ustilago noslen produces a compound that when exposed to the conditions of the caves of Vault 106, is able to shield it from harmful radiation. The rate at which the fungus degrades the stone appears to be slowed. It reproduces by dispersing small amounts of diaspores. Due to the lack of wind sources, the fungus usually appears in clusters, but occasionally is able to fan out to other surfaces. The U. noslen's above average poikilohydric characteristics allow it to survive within the caves. Unlike similar species, when dehydrated, the fungus will release a toxic set of spores and die, instead of entering the assumed cryptobiotic state.


It is unknown whether ustilago noslen is or is related to the cave fungus that is found to grow in the caves leading to Vault 87.


Ustilago noslen was to be mentioned in Fallout 3.


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