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Welcome to The Vault!
Welcome to the Vault

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-- Itachou (Talk) 02:30, March 12, 2011

Squalor's patented intelligence run. Edit

Your ideas intrigue me, I'd like to subscribe to the newsletter.

Specifically your fast intelligence run to the Wrangler - I get the basic idea, avoid all XP 'till you can buy the intelligence implant, but some of the details mystify me a little. For example "Be sure to have $300 or so to buy the naughty nightwear"... why? and "I settled for 3 grapes..." You mean you played the slots 'till you won your stake? 10:54, May 13, 2011 (UTC)

So it's naughty nightwear for the +1 LCK and bet on the slots to make the cash for the intelligence implant. It nearly worked for me - Unfortunately I leveled up in the Wrangler when I hit my jackpot. (Too much fighting on the way to Freeside I guess). Anyway, thanks for the help, that's given me a nice start. 18:36, May 13, 2011 (UTC)

Thank you for your interest in my Wrangler Run. Wish it was my idea, there was some write-up on IGN I think. You got the drift on most of it. Your SPECIAL's might be different if you were not doing a Gun build like me but it starts with your Intelegence at 9 on the Vigor tester. The idea is to get as few XP as possible on your way to the Wrangler. Kill nothing, save often. Avoid discovering Jean's Skydiving but cross the field by going North of it. Make your way to the tracks and avoid threats or discoveries by walking on the side of the mountains. Go South past Nipton to avoid the Viper Ambush, East to avoid Wolfhorn Ranch and then back on the road just West of the Novac/Searchlight sign. When you get to the overpass you will see a caravan spawn. Follow them and watch as they're attacked by Legionairees so you hang back and scoop up the loot after the bloodshed. Follow what's left of the Caravan and let them do the fighting for you all the way to Novac. Do not discover Novac. Take highway 95 and stay close to the road. Too far off to the East are Cazadors, to the West are Helios and Ants. On 95 are a few gangers you can sneak past by getting closer to the ants. Once your close to the 188 you can pick up another caravan but it's not really needed. Discover the Freeside North Gate. Save. If thugs go after you run back and let the bodyguards at the North gate handle them. Buy the Naughty Nitewear from Mick & Ralph for the +1 Luck and +10 speech (it never leaves my inventory). Go to the Atomic Wrangler and play NINE GAMES of blackjack. Save after each game. Reload if you lose. If you played 10 games you'd get XP. Save and play slots. You want 3 Oranges for 32000 caps but 3 grapes gets you 16000. Buy yourself some Implants and then go find Durable Dunns caravan for some Combat Armor and maybe a level up. Then go play with Sunny. I have some ideas about what's important after that too. First, Get Veronica from the 188. Solve the Brahmin mystery in Novac so you can get a free place to stay. Do NOT talk to Ranger Andy, meet him with Raul in the room. Later, Help Boone, get hat. Do High Times, maybe Helios to get the Followers safehouse key. Many benefits come with Followers membership. Get in Repcon HQ as soon as you have the stats to succeed. Gets you into BoS (and their armory), ED-e's quest, 3 skill books, Q35 and lots of good stuff. Go on book hunts, keep up with what you've found and read and note what level you are when all books have been found.

Me again (this time I logged in!) Got it to work better the 2nd time, was very sneaky and got no XP at all. Anyway, like I said, thanks for the help. (Didn't see the caravan at the overpass, looted DD's caravan for my initial stake, but it all worked out). HughesJohn 15:11, May 16, 2011 (UTC)
Bethesda has forced a patch that reduces the slot machine bet from 200 to 25 so this exploit is worth only one implant. Squalor 14:57, April 5, 2012 (UTC)

The guy who who was asking about hollow point and JHP 10mm ammo Edit

Hi i'm the guy who was asking about where i could find plenty of hollow point and JHP. Thanks for the advice. Also you said you had a caravan pack you never redeemed. If you still had it, and didnt mind, i would be intrested in trading for it. I have a deimos code for god of war 3 but thats about it. My game is on the ps3 though, so i'm not sure if codes for the 360 or PC would work.

Chocolate pickles 15:36, May 17, 2011 (UTC) Chocolate pickles Sorry, I have PC. I just restarted my game, going Hard Core and I may use it. Squalor 16:20, May 17, 2011 (UTC)

Your Cassidy recollections Edit

Read your answer to the forum question about favourite F:NV companions. Really enjoyed your story about once travelling with Cassidy and accidentally killing him, followed by your chance in redemption via his daughter. You neatly summed up why we love these games so much and how they can possess such an emotional impact, cheers for that. Willooi 04:01, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

Hi, thanks for the reply. Funny you say that, I picked up V:Masquerade Bloodlines off Steam a while ago and installed it with all those fan patches, and loved it. I've only ever played it once though as a Gangrel, so I definitely need to try it again. The quest design in that was simply inspired - some of the best I've played, and I loved the level design as well. I don't know what it is, but being able to sneak into people's hotel rooms via the service shafts really appeals to me...maybe I'm just sick like that? =p And wow, the characters too. I guess I'm lucky because I hear there were lots of bugs in the vanilla release, and I didn't encounter any with the patch.

Next up I need to go through Arcanum for more Cain, Anderson & Boyarsky greatness. It's been sitting on my to-play list for a while. Willooi 01:20, June 29, 2011 (UTC)

Urch Here, Poor Librarian... Edit

Hi, I read your post on my forum and decided to add more to my story, similar to boone my ranger had a wife who hated where she lived, she was kidnapped and raped by the legion, when The Lone Ranger came to rescue her she had been sold as a slave, The Lone Ranger then tracked her down, and found out that she had been sold in secret to President Kimball, who was secretly in line with the legion, as were all the top officers of the NCR. In blind rage The Lone Ranger killed 30 NCR troopers who tried to stop him rescuing his wife, when he arrived at her holding cell, she said that she loved him, then died in his arms, The Lone Ranger screamed at the sky for taking his one true love, and stole a detonator from navarro outpost, unaware of what it did he took it to his old home, and the Divide Warheads spoke, and detonated, his home in ruins and his life in taters, he took to the Mojave Express in the hope of some peace, then the NCR appeared in Vegas, and now the Ranger has taken up his guns, in order to see who to help at hoover dam, but believes that death is his only peace, as so, he does not fear death, and challenges anything stupid enough to get in his path,this is The Lone Ranger, and that was his fate... Ryanurch (talk) 18:26, July 27, 2012 (UTC)

You will be surprised at how easy it is to make up stores based on the fallout saga, for example: In fallout 3 my character was an ex-enclave soldier who gets shot on sight for deserting. In another new vegas character, he was a brotherhood of steel paladin who searches desparately for the secret to eternal life, thus serving mr house. my current fallout 3 character is an escaped slave from the pitt.

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