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-- SigmaDelta54 (Talk) 12:45, June 21, 2012

TheHouseAlwaysWins Edit

Actually, instead of posting vapid messages like that, you could offer a word or two of advice in order to try to help the user become a more effective editor. Instead saying "please stop with all the incorrect, erroneous edits please. They are annoying." is actually quite tasteless and annoying in itself. 14:49, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

Do not erase content from your talk page like that. It is against policy in our user conduct guideline and if you continue may result in a block. --Skire (talk) 15:06, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

My apologies Sigma Edit

I meant to comment on this to add this "new "

What ever you say Mr. Boss man.

I deleted their comment by mistake and have been distracted by the dogs since. I appreciate you restoring it and I was going to ask you or a mod in chat to do so but I have been Busy.

As for the image it is in response to the anon I considered to take your advice, now I politely suggest you take my advice and edit your original post so that it reflects the fact that you wrote it, otherwise my previous point still stands true. I also humbly suggest you remove some of those unneeded insults, as I stated before both my message to house and yours to me are very much the same, both contain needed information however yours is entirely too insulting which reflects badly on you. Sure my post was a bit too direct and to the point but it was what other people were saying in the chat, something to which he had a right to know. --Nicklesbe (talk) 16:13, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

Actually that anonymous user was me. I had forgot to login. So I'd consider you remove that image unless you want to call in administrator a coward, which is fine with me. --Skire (talk) 15:57, June 28, 2012 (UTC)
The only problem is that my post is not of itself insulting at all. In fact, the main difference is that I offered a word of advice to you (about offering others advice yourself): "you could offer a word or two of advice in order to try to help the user become a more effective editor." whereas you did not try to in the least bit and only called the user's edits "annoying". Your post did not really have a point other than to tell a user to "stop making bad edits" As there are no insults there is nothing for me to want to remove nor anything that would "reflect badly on me". While I do not wish for you to take offence in anything I said that is out of my control. Have fun and see you around =) --Skire (talk) 16:18, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

I do not mean to be argumentative, I do appreciate and agree with the fact that you did give me helpful information. Which is why I went back and elaborated more to fully make the post achieve it's point. The point was to honestly inform the user of the effects their edits were having on the mods and community as a whole. Sure the inner-most content of your post wasn't insulting, however it was the beginning and end of it where you said my post was vapid i.e. lacking or having lost life, sharpness, or flavor; insipid; flat; without liveliness or spirit; dull or tedious: If anything my post was too spirited to the point of bluntness. You also said my post was tasteless which is really just a redundant use of vapid so my previous point extends to that. Finally you said my post was annoying, now I think having to go back and change someones edit every time they change something multiplied by several edits is annoying, and I know for a fact I'm not the only one who thinks it's annoying as many others including mods said it themselves. As for what I said I was just being honest, and frankly honesty is a rare commodity in this internet age and it's not something I find annoying at all in fact I find it inspiring and freeing. Now these are just your opinions I understand and respect that and personally I am not insulted by them however they were unwarranted which makes them insulting regardless of the fact that I wasn't insulted by them.

What I was insulted by was the fact that you posted it from an anon ip denying me and others the dignity of knowing who you were until I insulted you especially since you have the power and ability to have changed it to reflect who you really were before I did so. Now I do believe you when you say you forgot to log in, I've done it before, granted it was just one post but did do it unwittingly so I can empathize and I'm not sure if I need permission to change it so it's my signature or not, frankly I'm not sure and I don't want to risk breaking any rules. However from a certain perspective someone might think that it was intentional, as to "troll" me into saying something insulting just so that you could come back, brandish your authority, and attempt to cause me embarrassment or have cause to ban me outright. Now I understand that's not what happened and I'm not saying it is, I am simply saying it is a conclusion a bi-standard could extrapolate from the concurrence of events and nothing more, and I hope that gives you insight as to why I found it insulting even as it was unintentional. I thank you again for your patience and understanding and for the helpful information. I greatly appreciate and enjoyed this dialogue with you and I hope you found some joy or entertainment in it as well. I find you to be very intelligent, I respect you greatly, and I hope we can continue to have honest and candid conversations in the future.--Nicklesbe (talk) 17:14, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

Perhaps you should reread my above message - I had forgotten to log in and so showed up as an anonymous user. And your words and actions clearly show you are prejudiced and discriminative towards anonymous users, which will do you no good here. That's all I'm going to say here as this matter is now over. --Skire (talk) 17:38, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

The matter is over I apologize I know simply saying this is pushing it and I am only saying it for clarity's sake so please do not be offended. I did read what you said thoroughly and I think you may have misread the second paragraph where I said I believe you when you said you forgot to log in and that I can empathize with that because I had done it once before. I also clearly stated after my speculation of what someone else might think that I know that wasn't the case, reinstating the fact that I knew for certain that you forgot to log in. I know it was a wall of text, however that couldn't really be helped. All I was trying to do was to give you some insight and understanding of how what you said could be considered insulting.

Also I'm sorry to say but your accusations are baseless, incorrect, and unfair jmo. I am not prejudice or discriminative against anonymous users, however it is a simple fact that if you have a username it is much easier to be held accountable for the things you say or do. I was raised with the belief that your word is one of the most important things you have and that it defines you just as much as your actions. I implore you to believe me when I say I do not have a problem with anonymous users as long as they take responsibility for the things they do and say. As a mod you know better than anyone that someone can come in say what ever they want, destroy, or change anything they want then simply change their ip or hide behind a proxy and they never have to take responsibility for the things they've done or said, sure you can eventually ban them but they don't learn anything or take responsibility, and it's still no guarantee that they won't be back. Now I know every anonymous user isn't like that I know that as well as you. So again I'm sorry I wasn't more careful with my words and gave you that false impression because it's simply not true. --Nicklesbe (talk) 18:54, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

Vault 41 Edit

Hey there Nick, I saw your message and I say go for it! If you can think brutal, yet simple weapons that vault people might have made out of every day sports tools then I say go for it... But I have one request, try to be realistic as possible. While a sonic-gravity repulser baseball bat sounds awesome, it would break normal... Rather go out to a garage and see if you can wrap a chainsaw chain around a football... or take a circular saw and retrofit it on a tennis racket. Have fun!

I am Legacy Tech. (talk) 17:22, June 28, 2012 (UTC)

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