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May 17, 2011
  • I live in Dreamland, Grandeur
  • I was born on June 22
  • My occupation is Soldier of fortune
  • I am the brewmeister
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Welcome to my talk-page!
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Hello, fellow Nukapedians - I am always happy to have visitors! As a local lore junkie and ambassador here at Nukapedia, I would like to let you know that I have an open-door policy, and that you will always have my undivided attention should you contact me through this talk-page. I only hope that I can help you with any questions/concerns/inquiries/criticism that you may have for me - in the meantime, while you are reading, I would like to go over just a few ground-rules just to make sure that our interactions go as smoothly as possible:

  1. I absolutely love debates! Even if you do not need me as an ambassador, I am always around to talk with in regards to Fallout lore and canon. I am pretty big with certain other games, too, so game discussions are not just restricted to Fallout.
  2. While I am no longer an active editing presence here on this wiki, I can still be found across many different wikis, both on and off Wikia. For those interested in Fallout, I can also be found at the Fallout role-playing wiki.
  3. If I do not give you a reply within 12-24 hours, I implore of you to seek me out elsewhere. My schedule is very chaotic, as I have a penchant to pick up random hobbies and jobs, meaning that my schedule is never truly set in-stone. I apologize in advance for any possible inconvenience that may occur due to this.
  4. As deep as my love runs for wiki communities, occupational hazards as both a prior and current sysop have resulted in many unpleasant encounters with certain users across various wikis. Re-opening old wounds by bringing external wiki issues to this talk-page, will immediately result in me reporting you to a local sysop. This is your warning - after reading this, I have a zero-tolerance policy regarding this matter.


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