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Anon, instead of making your brain work (that'd be too hard for you), I'll just give a quote.

"But, damn it, you need to realize that if Bethesda wanted to make this the new Fallout, it's the new Fallout. There's literally no arguing here. It's like if God himself told you a rabbit was called a smeerp, you'd go against it."

Now at least try to think, it'll be good mental practice.

First of all, I'm merely arguing. If I'd be complaining you people wouldn't even try to reply to me a damn fine big amount of time ago. Second of all, give me an example of a comment where I called someone 'names' and make sure I do it on a constant basis, otherwise your argument fails just as much as you have. Also, if you're tired, who the hell in this fucking world is forcing you to read my comments and reply to them (thus complaining... man up, finally!)? And at last, read the title on the front page. It says 'Fallout wiki'. This isn't a Fallout 3 wiki, therefore I'm open to expressing my opinion on the previous games and comparing them to Bethesda's crap and a little person like you isn't going to stop me from doing so.

Ryker, if anything, I could say that I'm tired of you constantly complaining about me saying that Fallout 3 isn't good. Does it hurt you that bad? I mean, isn't it an accusation to your God called Bethesda? Oh, I'm so sorry. At least I don't complain about you complaining.

EDIT: On another hand, Bethesda owning Fallout doesn't mean shit. They can't break established canon (and it was in the original games) or it isn't Fallout anymore; well, they have, so Fallout 3 isn't Fallout, it's just another typical crap game from Bethesda.

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