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The odds are 100% against either happening. Other than being present in court, all one had to do was contact the court reporter on Dec 13th

Since Dec 12th, many posters have mouthed off about what they want to happen or what they think will happen. They were conjecturing in the future tense on the past tense outcome of a certain event.

This is normally to be expected of the peanut gallery but It's really quiet shocking that very few if any wanna be reporter blogger types have picked up on any of this since they've had 17 days to do so but then again they've grown lazy being fed the information by sources that did the leg work for them. If you look at this that way then it's not such a total shock but still we are talking about a court case over an IP that is now worth over $800 million dollars. Outside of the litigating parties, the people that understand the ramifications of this can be counted on one hand. For the rest, dumb as dishwater serfdom to a collapsing monetary system seems to be the path chosen.

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