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    Fallout 4?

    August 11, 2011 by ZtM51

    I have heard rumors on a new Fallout game coming in 2012 called Fallout 4. I have also heard that they made a new "in-house" game engine, i think they used it with the new Elder Scrolls. If this is true hopefully this time around with the new and improved graphics they should really take there time with this new Fallout game, debugging the hell out of it and possibly even maybe making a beta for Fallout 4 for us the help Bethesda with it's new project. I mean i love Fallout as much as everyone on this wiki but i mean you have got to admit Fallout 3 had it's bug's but not as much as New Vegas. But I'm not hating on New Vegas I just wish I could play it for a while without it crashing or freezing. But I am hopeful and really thrilled th…

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