• Zozyman

    Dead Money Rev

    July 6, 2011 by Zozyman

    Now some of you may wonder "Hay whats he got againsed holograms?" WELL ILL TELL YOU!!!! (I copy/pasted this from my site I posted it anyway so big woop)

    I played dead money on VERY FUCKING EASY now some of you think wow that should be easy! no its the equivalent of playing fallout 3 on very hard riding a unicycle where you balance on the tip of the empire state building oh yeah and i was on "hard core" no not the porn. it just makes things harder (he he he) as you lose health every second cos the DEVS said "hey this guy is not pissed off enough! lets add shit to annoy him even MORE YAY!!!" dicks.

    let me introduce my fucking favorite little unstoppable god/friend here as i have re named it "ultra-annoying-dip-shit-hologram-god-guard-that-is-i…

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