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    [Lucille Bogan - 1935]

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    well, i love FO1 so much, i play it since 1999, and it is the best game ever, but if i was the creator of the game, id put these things on it:

    (NOTE: i am talking about the classic fallout versions, not the 3D ones)


    Fighting Like A Man -As you fight unarmed like a real man, you gain 25% critical chance when you hit an enemy with your bare fists, but as you dont like guns, you critical hit chance with firearms is deceased by 30%

    Everyday i´m shufflin: As you love dancing, you can easily avoid projectiles, but you cannot avoid melee attacks.

    Player Characters:

    Eric Wilkes (vault delinquent)

    Age: 16

    Tagged skills: throwing, steal, lockpick

    Traits: fighting like a man

    Fun Fact: he likes toothpicks

    Jacob Winstone (vault security guard)

    Age: 32


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