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  • Zombiekiller731

    come on folks. anser me this. who would win in a fight between certain factions or tribes well in this series of blog postes.

    Ok this is the first who would win in a fight the brotherhood or the enclave friends in my case its a fair fight


    The Enclave have a robost network of soljiers andd scientests to work on different experiments for new and destructive weaponry. But then again so do the brotherhood of steel. So folks comment or email me some more evidence and we will finally finally decide who would win in a fight: the Brotherhood of Steel or The Enclave....... Read more >
  • Zombiekiller731

    Well welcom to the secong blog post that I have made even though no one looked at the last one but hay ho!!!!!.

    This is a bit of a update though..... If anyone wants to ask me any questions about the brotherhood of steel or the F.E.V then just email me or look at the 2 pages here:!/pages/The-Brotherhood-of-Steel/214540081924383 and!/groups/320272537994082/
    Or email me and here's a reminder of my emnail Read more >
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    Today I created anotha new Fallout group entitled Forced Evolutionary Virus (F.E.V). The link is as followed!/groups/320272537994082/ if anyone wants to join then please email me at and I will proudley welcome this. I will update the blog soon not that anyone will listen to me but hay.......see you then folks.....

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