I know this is kinda off the wall, because it is well known that there is little chance a Fallout game will take place outside the United States for a while, but if they were going to step outside then where would they go? Toronto (or Ronto) seems like the perfect place to start looking. It is a brisk swim away from America and is an extremely large city, not to mention the fact that it was mentioned as a military power by Ashur in The Pitt addon (even though it is unconfirmed whether he was talking about this Toronto, or Toronto, Ohio).

Geography: This is tricky because Lake Ontario makes a square impossible. But Toronto itself would be in the extreme southeast corner with the lake forming the southern boarder. The eastern boarder would be formed by a straight line going from Kingston to Mississippi Mills. The northern boarder would then cut through Seguin and hit Lake Huron before the western boarder goes south from there to Lake Ontario again; thus completing the map.

Environment: Lake after lake dots this landscape, which means lakelurk after lakelurk will wind up in your sights. Maybe even bring back mirelurks for this. Yao Gui will be in large numbers as well. The area itself will be much like the Capital Wasteland, only less bombed out (who in their right mind thinks to nuke Canada?). Parts of the area, especially in the north, will be green. But things are not well in the land of grass and trees.

Issues: Following the Great War, a group that was once a Canadian resistance movement has taken power in the area and converted Ronto into a military dictatorship that is waiting to one day invade the United States. Anti-American sentiments are extrememly high in the area. In recent months an army has been making its way into the area from the southeast. It is unconfirmed at this point, but many speculate that this army comes from The Pitt.

Government: Ronto is the name of the country that the people of post-war Toronto have created. It is a military dictatorship that has ambitions of "getting back at America" for the anexation of Canada, which some more extreme citizens are still very bitter about. Ronto got its start after the bombs fell and a large resistance group emerged to take power. They began to scavange weapons and ammunition in order to outfit their military. Eventually they created a crude industry that is far inferior to The Pitt, but is good enough to meet their curent and short-term needs.

Story: You are a Vertibird pilot for the Enclave who just went AWOL and is heading to Ronto from an Enclave base in Chicago. While flying over the city of Toronto, you are shot down and crash land in the wildreness to the north. You soon come into contact with the Army of the Pitt which is commanded by Marie. She is the elected leader of The Pitt and it is mentioned that she hates her father who is dead for whatever reason. You also meet Ronto's leader and eventually you will pick a side and prepare to duke it out with the other. Given this is not the greatest story I have ever come up with, but it is just a good idea starter in my opinion.

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