In case you missed my first ever blog last week, which most of you probably did, I announced that I would write a weekly blog about possible cool locations for future Fallout games. Note that this will not be about likely locations, but more geared towards the things that might be less thought about but still just as cool. In these blogs I will try to stray away from places such as New York, Chicago, or the Commonwealth, mainly because they are getting enough air-time as it is, and I will focus more on the areas that might get some people thinking.

This week I will be talking about Florida; mainly Miami. Miami has all that could intrigue and amaze some audiences about the wasteland, from swamps to cities to beaches. Now I know Point Lookout had both beaches and swamps but Point Lookout is also in the temperate mid-Atlantic region and not the tropical tip of the penis of the United States.

Geography: Beaches to the east and swamps to the west, Miami is Sandwiched between some of the most dangerous areas in the country. The northern boundry of the map will be defined by a straight line stretching from West Palm Beach to Pine Island Sound, but most ruins north of Hollywood will be reclaimed by nature. The southern, eastern, and western boundries will be defined by the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Alligator Alley (I-75) connects the bustling city to the less glamorous but essential Naples, and with it the west coast. The Keys and maybe even the Bahamas will be in the DLCs.

Environment: The sun will be shining brightly on the beaches and there will be plenty of saltlurks taking advantage of the warm air and plentiful ocean water. The city itself would be fairly populated with human beings and ghouls alike, who have finally learned to peacefully coexist for the most part, though there are still pockets of racism around almost every corner. The city is a haven from the extrememly dangerous surrounding areas. The everglades are rampant with hundreds of mutated alligators and pythons, along with the usual mole-rats and geckos of all sorts as well as the occasional yao-gui. The swamp will hide dozens of experimental labs and some Seminole villages.

Issues: Though they have been living peacefully for decades, tensions are rising between humans and ghouls in Miami. Explorer after explorer has gone missing in the mysterious everglades which are rumored to be haunted. Supermutants inhabit much of the east coast. The essential trading partner of Naples is suspicious of Miami's intentions for the future.

Government: The Brotherhood of Steel makes an appearence as the governing body of Miami. This contingent has completely abandoned the codex and has begun to rebuild and reach out rather than hoard technology. Naples is a slave driven community that uses Seminole Indians and ghouls as slaves. In Miami, both ghouls and Seminoles are equals, as ordered by the Brotherhood.

Story: The year is 2285, you are a mercenary working for a caravan that was ambushed by an unknown enemy that is using energy weapons. Your caravan is wiped out and you are dragged away by a Seminole who takes you to his village along the Tamiami Trial near Miami. You wake up and he asks you to take a letter to his wife in Miami who is also part of a caravan. You catch up to her in an alley the city but she is badly injured. She asks you to give a package to Paladin Marian, a Brotherhood official who then offers to hire you for your services. She suspects that the Enclave is somewhere to the southwest and wants you to scout out the area. The Enclave is present there and allows you to enter their compound briefly.They want to ally with Naples and take over Miami. You can either help them or tell the Brotherhood who wants you go to Naples and see what the feelings are about the situation in the town. If Naples allies with the Enclave, the Brotherhood must strike before the alliance is soundly in place. The four factions are: The Brotherhood, the Enclave, Naples, the people of Miami, and the Seminoles. And they are all fighting for something.

Please give me any feedback you might have as well as any suggestions for future blogs.