Allow me to preface this by saying that the very low number of readers of these perfect world blogs have caused me to think seriously about not doing another one after this. It is likely that this will be my last blog on the subject. So, to you faithful readers out there, no matter how few of you there are, I ask for a sign of life. If you are just passing through, however, a sign of life would also be good. I just want to get a good estimate of how many people are actually reading this. Anyway, moving on.

Anchorage. We've all seen it before, but what about after the war? Chinese remnents may still remain in large numbers and could still think the two nations are at war. What about the city itself? We never saw it. This could be a very interesting setting if done correctly (as would any setting for that matter).

Geography: Anchorage itself would be in the southwest corner with the southern boarder going from just southwest of there in the bay to due south of a point just to the east of Kenny Lake. The eastern boarder would go up through said point, and the northern boarder would cut across the northern bank of Fish Lake. The western boarder would complete the square.

Environment: Cold. Somewhat like Skyrim of the Elder Scrolls series, with mountains and plenty of tundra plains. The animals would require a lot of creativity. Certainly there would be plenty of caribou and moose and wolves, but how about something exciting? Grizzly gui perhaps? Such matters would take a far greater amount of creativity to think of than I am willing to spend at this point.

Issues: Chinese remnents at war with America to this day would be the largest issue. Being in the tundra, food will be a luxery here.

Government: The American Military is alive and well, ladies and gentlemen. Army remnents have been training new soldiers from the area for a long time now. Enough weapons and ammunition have been left over from the Resource Wars to field a very large army (for the wasteland) for decades or even centuries of constant warfare. The army is the government of the area but a few locals have better ideas. A growing cry for rebellion has been heard and war is brewing.

So that's it for this week (and possibly forever), so if you want me to keep going just leave a comment. Sorry if I seem a little whiney, I just don't see the point in writing these things if zero people read them.