As we all know, the location for Fallout 4 has not been released yet but that hasn't stopped me from speculating. Well not so much speculating as guessing. Anyway, tthe biggest hint we have is from Jason Bergman who said said, "You'll get no tips from me. But the Mojave Wasteland was a fun place to explore, wasn't it?." This essentially means that it is very likely that it will take place somewhere in the Mojave Desert. I would venture to say that the best option is Area 51 or some other secretive military base in the area. I know the Boomers said that they got their equipment from a military base in the desert but there are a lot of them dotting the landscape of the Mojave.

Area 51 wouldn't be a terrible idea. There are several towns near there that could be used as a starting off point. Say you are from a town there and the town is about to be attacked by the Legion or the NCR (this could even take place before Hoover Dam) and you have to enlist the help of a splinter Brotherhood chapter that has taken up residence in the Groom Lake air base. Along the way you would have to decide whether you want to save your town or have it become part of the NCR or Legion. I know it is kinda exactly like New Vegas, but the difference is that this place is your home. I reccommend that the game does not end after the final battle so that you can see firsthand the results of your actions.

But of course the smart money is on New Reno which got a lot of publicity in New Vegas. But because this place has been described as being very similar to New Vegas, I don't consider that to be the best idea in the world, but it could work very well if done correctly.

But if this Mojave thing turns out to not hold much water, where else could we go? Obviously New York is option #1 for most people, and the Commonwealth is a close second, but what about the more unnoticed areas that could make for a great Fallout experience? Over the next few weeks, I will post one blog per week detailing areas that could support a great Fallout game and why.

I am looking for any comments and suggestions any of you might have.