If you are in the fallout modding world many of you by now should of heard of a world of pain for fallout new vegas, created by the legend that is dj mystro. His work is absolutely amazing and I for once was indulged in a mod that was actually worth downloading. From the depths of reiman cave all the way to the simple gas station is what I thought the game needed. For those of you who dont know a world of pain, it basically is a mod that add hundreds of new locations to fallout new vegas, making it a more fulfilling place to be. Surely there must of been times when you were scouring the mojave wastes and found it boring. With this mod? Not any more!

All locations in A World Of Pain for new vegas was exciting, but having such a big mod like this would leave me thinking "why should I fallout 3 when there is a great mod like this for new vegas"? Well not now, not when DJ Mystro is still alive! Just a month or so ago, I was searching for some mods on the fallout nexus when I saw what I hoped would come... A World Of Pain for Fallout 3. It was a wonderful sight. I imiedieatly downloaded it and played it. What came next was a total OMG... (Spoilers)

Me and my stray companion, Lt Williams (the ex-enclave officer) were running away from a deathclaw near the sewer waystation when a struck of luck came before us. On the horizon was a hotel, cooper's hotel, and the door... the door was not barricaded. Catching the glint in my eye, Lt Williams kicked down the door and we both ran in, slammed the doors together and shifted a couch to block the door. With sweat dripping from my face, I slumped on the couch and pulled out my rusty flask of water. There was a deep cut in my hand and I tended it softly by ripping of some leather from my clothes and wrapped it around it. Lt Williams joined me on the couch, reloading his plasma pistol with the remaining cells left. " that bastard, that bastard made me use up most of my cells. It wont be long before I melt his body down. I swaer to god I will kill it. I will!" exclaimed Williams "Shut the fuck up asshole, we are lucky to survive and you should thank god for that" I proclaimed. "GOD? Thank god for what? Nuking our god damn planet? Huh? Oh yeah thank you God for blowing the fuck out of our planet, I apreciate it" he replied "Fuck you. Dont forget there was a huge war dumbass." I said, and with that I stood up and finally looked at the enviroment for the first time. "Shit... this place... shit... I can smell 'em. I hate that smell. Yo Williams? Get your shit... raiders are in the building"

Thats right folks! Coopers hotel is a brand new location added to the capital wasteland with the mod a world of pain and as my little story pointed out, it is full with raiders who decided to check in for a while. Hope you download this mod because it is awesome and best of all lore friendly. Good luck out there fellow wastelanders. You'll need it! Three dog and away!