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  • I live in Oldsmar, FL
  • I was born on July 28
  • My occupation is Mail Order Brain Surgeon
  • I am Mannish Boy
  • ZappaFan

    Well each time there's been a DLC added, there were new things added that made me want to start a new character and play through. That happened with Dead Money, then again with Honest Hearts. I was about to do that yet again right after I finished Old World Blues, but with Lonesome Road supposedly being close I kept that maxed character and used it to play through Lonesome Road to get the feel for it and to see all the new perks n stuff. So now I finished that I am going to start a new character and play through the whole game and all DLC. I know one thing, my character is going to be all 100's long before level 50 what with all the skill books each DLC adds. :)

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  • ZappaFan

    Old World Blues

    August 20, 2011 by ZappaFan

    Definitely my favorite DLC so far. Weapon Repair Kits have gotten even easier to get, what with being able to "manufacture" all the ingredients but the wrench. Scrap Metal & Duct Tape from clipboards (Book Chute). Wonderglue from coffee mugs (Muggy), Scrap Electronics from appliances (Toaster). Really awesome that you can get a 1 lb. Duct Tape and a 1 lb. Scrap Metal from a 1 lb. clipboard! woot! :)

    Also, OWB has made it immensely easier to sell those 37 gold bars if you were able to get those out of Dead Money. Use the Big Mountain Transportalponder and take the 37 gold bars to the Sink and sell them there.

    Also my (now) favorite weapon is Christine's COS silencer rifle. I use this over the Anti-materiel rifle.

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  • ZappaFan

    Dead Money

    March 12, 2011 by ZappaFan

    Granted I've not played through a LOT of the new DLC, but so far I really don't understand all the criticism I've been reading. I'm playing a sneak/guns build, totally weak on unarmed/melee and still really enjoying it. Just about to finish recruiting the 3rd follower. Love the atmosphere. The collar & beeping things hasn't been a real big deal, not annoying as I've read some people post. I've liked the challenge. Really cool areas to explore IMO.

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