Fallout 4/Detroit I believe a great setting for the next Fallout that Bethesda should check out and have fun creating other characters and back story to the setting like they did in DC would be to having a Fallout game set in Detroit. If the fallout universe is true with its divergence right after World War II then Detroit wouldnt be in the economic crap hole its in now but rather an economic powerhouse in the U.S. economy as the city can be homed to many house-hold products companies and car manufacturers. Then also keeping canon to another page the car manufacturing plants become amnunition factories producing the weaponry and bullets that are being sent to the Alaskan Campaign and Yantze Campaign. People before the Great War must of lived in bliss being at the head of the country's economy. It would of been retro-Hollywood. Canada is also right across the Detroit River and so Bethesda can come up with answers and ideas behind the whole Canadian Commonwealth and Annexation. I believe 86 atomic bombs would be the best number to destroy the city. 65 of those bombs were gona be dropped by Chinese and Soviet bombers but before they could get here the U.S. Air Force attacked the bombers over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron before the 21 ICBMs EMPs disabled them and those twenty one exploded around the Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto and Michigan Main Peninsula. The Dog Fight between the U.S. Air Force and Soviet and Chinese bombers would go down as the Battle of the Great Lakes. Eventually civilization emerged from the many shelters, bunkers, subways and vaults in the area and started rebuilding Downtown and other parts of the city into settlements. Most of the city's streets are blocked off by debris and rubble and sewers, subway tunnels, car tunnels and highway overpasses are used to get around. The settlements are without sufficient power even though there is an intact nuclear reactor just northwest of the city in Orchard Lake. In 2283 members of the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel break away from their main faction and make an exodus to Detroit and go into hiding and prepare for another one to where ever or prepare for war. The reason they left the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel is because the Midwest Brotherhood became a tyranny, authortarian and enslaved many populaces or totally destroyed them to the point they seem to have never existed. After the death of Elder Xavier Matheson, his son who for awhile was in critical condition due to a severe head injury aquired during the surprise battle between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave base in Chicago, was given the position as Elder. Phillip Matheson awaken just a day after his fathers death and became Elder. He awokened with better health then before he went into battle with the Enclaved, he showed more strength, intelligence and perception but most of all. . . agression. He was known as a charming and wise man before but something had changed and none of the Scribes knew what it was except for the Enclave who while Phillip was knock out cold they injected him with a special form of FEV mixture. It had the FEV and the DNA of a mutated fish in Lake Michigan that had regenorating abilities and inhancements. Phillip would conquer all of Illinios, West Indiana, East Iowa and Southern Wisconsin. The Enclave would fall during the second battle in Chicago and those who survived would work and engineer a new and more powerful power armor using Brotherhood and Enclave armor blueprints. Now it is 2297 and the Detroit Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel is hold up in a fortified Deerborn manufacturing plant with little recruits and supplies to either do another exodus or fight a battle as Phillip Matheson is on his way with his army to crush them after years of searching for them one of his scouts found them just 4 months ago. There are many possible allies and suppliers that can help the Detroit Brotherhood or just foil them. You have the choose between either fighting to save the good case Detroit Brotherhood by either having them win the battle or runaway to New York or choose to fight for Phillip's Brotherhood and betray your Brotherhood and enslave all of the Detroit Wasteland. Many other side quests in the game for the other settlements and NPCs that keep you going for 300 hours playing