This blog describes locales in full deatil that I think would be great settings for a future Fallout game. Feel free to comment, critisise or praise, it doesn't matter. It's not like I expect Bethesda or one of their sub-companies to produce a game using my details and settings.


Welcome to Detroit

Of course I'll start off the blog using my original locale, Detroit, Michigan which if you haven't seen my earlier blog or my Fallout: World forum post both introduce the idea of the setting of a future fallout game in this Rustbelt city in the far north Midwest region.

Before the War

Detroit, Michigan was a prosperous city in the U.S. state of Michigan and part of the Northern Commonwealth. The seat of government for the Northern Commonwealth was located in Detroit, at 500 Woodward Ave. Detroit has always been known for producing America's automobiles and once the Resource Wars struct the world, it played a heavey toll on the city's economy. At the 2066 Detroit Auto Show hosted by Chrylus, the car manufacturing company introduced fission fueled automobiles to the American car market, even with an outragous price tag. Chrylus' saw fierce competition between its rival car manufacturer, Abraham Motors which was also producing fission powered cars and trucks at lower prices (not much though), Chrylus soon went from family oriented to a luxury car manufacturer and Abraham Motors made (high-middle class) American family cars. The city also manufactured a large portion of household products for the country including detergent and Abraxo Cleaner. When China invaded Alaska in the Winter of 2066, Detroit factories started producing a large amount of ammunition for soldiers on the front lines. American military equipment and vehicles were also being produced rapidly, unemployment dropped from 12.5% to 2.2% in the city and across the state. This economic boom also made Detroit a target by the Chinese.

The population had also increased during Detroit's economic boom, the 2060 census showed Detroit with a population of 2.5 million, by 2070 that number had grown to 3.8 million. About 80% of the residents lived either middle class or wealthy. At the time, also, America was trying to annex Canada, a close neighbor to Detroit across the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, Ontario. Detroit saw a wrath of violence across the city being done by revolting Canadien citizens, police and federal officers used force and threats agaisnt revolting Canadiens.

The city was also being run by a powerful business group known only as The Committee, it consists of CEOs of Detroits most prominent businesses such as Chrylus, Abraham Motors, General Atomics, Pulaski Household Products and Detroit Chemicals. This committee agreed on economic solutions, sold parts of businesses to eachother, traded ideas. The mayor of Detroit was their puppet.