Setting: The New England Commonwealth wasnt as badly bombarded as the rest of the country during the onslaught of the Great War. Many areas stayed intact until radiation and acid rain finally fell on those areas but they would be replenished first before many other areas could. Boston was the main target in the region, heavily bombarded during the nuclear exchange, the city was left in ruin and burned for months afterwards. Within three years after the exchange, sea levels began to rise and swallow all the low lying areas in Boston and most of Cape Cod and the rest of the region. The cities of Providence, Boston, Portland, Hartford, and Burlington are brick and rusty heaps of the metropolises they used to be, all highways into them, 20 miles from the cities are car jams of refugees, people trying to excape the incoming inferno, their cars and charred bodies still remain in a disheartening state, still trying to get away from the danger. In the countryside, it was chaos, towns fortified themselves agaisnt refugees heading into them or through them to escape or find a place to hold out or settle down but they also fortified themselves to protect themselves from looters. Most of these countryside folk also died when the radiation cloud and acid-radioactive rain poured apon them. Those who managed to get into a Vault, or those who managed to find shelter underground, they were safe for as long as they had food and supplies.

The first set of people to emerge from their underground burrows arrived back on the surface in 2079, only two years after the bombs dropped. They emerged into a world that was not theirs anymore, a world they grew up in a had a childhood and life was gone, the innocence taken away from it. Lush, green forests now bare, dead trees amongst the dust. Rivers and ponds dried and or radiated. Animal and plant life had changed, evolving into something monstrous and disgusting looking but radiation resistent now. A new type of tree, having similarities to birch and oak was growing in the dusty and dry soil, it had orange leaves instead of green, colorful and exotic flowers bloomed on it, the bark peeled off like birch and could survive in radiation, it was called Orange Blush by the first wastelanders. These trees are a symbol of hope and life after death in the New England Wasteland. They have become almost sacred, and would have a religion based around the trees in the wasteland.

Many of these first wastelanders died due to still high radiation levels and trying to adapt and survive using their new and strang environment, some have turned into ghouls and can still be found in the wasteland. U.S. Military personal and most people who managed to get into a bunker during or before the chaos of the Great War emerged 10 to 15 years after the bombs fell. They were more successful in developing a almost civilized life in the wasteland. Settlements and trading posts were established across the region and suddenly there was a need for transportation of goods which began New England's caravan companies. With these settlements, came needed protection from the wastes and rival settlements which began . . . NOT FINISHED