Both the Brotherhood Power Armor and Enclave Power Armor have their advantages and disadvantages. Each one has an advantage over the other whether its the BOS Armor having 1 extra point of strength or the Enclave armor giving boosts to Energy weapons skill. Here is the question. Why not fused both the BOS Armor with Enclave Armor? What it'll look like I dont know (hopefully kick ass looking like the Brotherhood's) but all I know that it will bring many advantages to the player or even NPC. I think that would be a great armor idea to add to Fallout 4 but put the armor in few numbers in the game cause this thing is POWERFUL!! It is the deadliest thing to ever be made in Post-War Earth, before the war it was the Atomic bomb. If people like the idea enough I think it'll go great with my idea for Fallout 4(see My Idea for Fallout 4)