The Exterminator was outside of the Red Racer Factory, visored face to crappy face with Feral, along with 20 other ghouls. The Exterminator's flamer was out of ammo so he tossed it aside. Jack was nowhere to be seen, loser. How could he abandon me- started The Exterminator's thought train, but ended in -what have I done. Feral's ghouls charged, screeching. Inside the factory The Shadow was waking up. He heard the screeching outside and thought the ghouls were coming for him. He picked up a combat knife with his feet and threw it to his mouth. He expertly caught the blade and began sawing at the leather belt tying his left shoulder down. He no longer cared about The Exterminator. However he did want to kill Jack. The Exterminator picked up a Chinese officer's sword. Feral uttered what could pass as a laugh. The first ghoul jumped at The Exterminator. He simply cut the fiend in half. The Exterminator swung and stabbed but only killed 2 more ghouls. Then they swarmed. 17 ghouls piled their rotten, trashing, bodies on top of The Exterminator. Somehow he managed to push them off to the sides, chopped into so many pieces. Feral, furious, charged The Exterminator. They exchanged blows to no avail, neither was better than the other. Then The Exterminator lost his footing. He fell to the ground disarmed and defenseless. Feral sat on him laughing maniacally. Then a rolling sound came from up the street. Jack was riding a cart and holding a nailboard. Jack hit Feral with the board and jumped off the cart. Feral flew 2 meters and stood with a nailboard stuck to his chest. Feral let out an unearthly scream and fled. The Exterminator turned to thank Jack but instead saw The Shadow holding a gun to his face. "Where's that Jack kid?" The Exterminator pointed in the complete opposite direction Jack had been heading. "Good boy." *CLICK* The Exterminator wasn't the only one who needed more ammo. The Shadow activated a stealth boy and ran in the direction The Exterminator pointed. Jack was heading to Point Lookout. So was The Shadow. Jack had walked about 3 minutes toward the Commonwealth before he turned around. He was afraid the ghouls would follow him. Jack had just arrived at the Duchess Gambit when he saw The Shadow. Jack broke into the engine room. Jack couldn't see so he turned on his pip-boy light only to see the most horrifying thing he had ever encountered. He saw brain pieces in jars. He kicked out the door and pushed The Shadow off the side of the boat. Caught offgaurd The Shadow almost drowned. 'Another reason to kill him,' thought The Shadow. Then his wish came true. An Enclave soldier blasted Jack. The soldier walked over and picked him up. Then a vertibird came down and picked up the soldier and Jack. The Shadow decided that Jack was alive and went toward Raven Rock. Jack woke up in a laboratory. All of his limbs were gone. In their place were these metal arms, being covered in fake skin. "What are you doing to me!?" Jack screamed. Then Colonel Autumn Augustus came over and said, "Creating something marvelous." Yum Brahmin 17:59, August 2, 2010 (UTC)