So The Exterminator and Jack set off towards GNR to kill The Doctor, but after hearing the plan The Hero vowed to stop them. He knew he couldn't do it alone though. The Hero set off towards the one person who could stop The Exterminator and Jack, The Shadow. The Shadow was born in a vault, which meant that most of The Exterminator's weapons would be less effective. But that wasn't the main purpose of his hiring. The Shadow was trained from birth to be an assassin. Not far away, Jack ran over to The Exterminator. "Crap, there was someone spying on us!" said Jack. The Exterminator stopped and turned. "Whoever it was had some practice sneaking around, I didn't notice him. Fortunately he left behind a canteen with a name crossed out on it." The Exterminator started walking off in the direction Jack pointed as the way the spy left. "Where are you going?" asked Jack. The Exterminator raised his flamer. "NO, NO, NO! We have to get The Doctor first. Just let the kid go," pleaded Jack. The two walked off toward GNR, away from The Hero. Meanwhile The Hero was negotiating with The Shadow. "Please, this is all I have," begged Jack. "Why is this so important to you?" asked the Shadow. "I need to do something good in my life," said The Hero, deep in thought. Then The Shadow said, "Fine." *PHIT* The Hero slumped over, dead. The Shadow got up and thought, 'Well now I should at least kill this Exterminator.' Jack and The Exterminator had tracked The Doctor to a tricycle factory. "It's locked," said Jack. The Exterminator kicked down the door. A ghoul flew out of the now open doorway screeching. It knocked The Exterminator's flamer out of his hands. *PHIT* The ghoul's head exploded. The Exterminator looked at Jack who returned a look of confusion. The two went inside puzzled. On top of a nearby building The Shadow swore. "Silent But..., you've never failed me before." Never able to accept personal failure, The Shadow blamed the ghoul and his gun. "Damn ghoul. Can't it rip it's skin off somewhere else." Inside the factory the two walked along the corpses of dead ghouls, with The Exterminator stabbing each one. "You're paranoid, aren't you?" commented Jack. Who received what could have been an evil eye in correspondence. "Die you fiend." *SHWOOSH**BOOM* "What the fuck was that?" asked Jack. The two ran forward only to see The Doctor standing triumphantly above another doctor. "Hello," said the doctor. The Exterminator raised his flamer. The doctor ran like a Brahmin being chased by a Deathclaw. *PHIT* A bullet whizzed right past Jack's face. The Exterminator looked back. "Kill The Doctor, I'll deal with this chump," said Jack, picking up a 10mm pistol. "Move," said The Shadow. "What do you want?" asked Jack. "A beautiful woman, some caps, and the yellow guy lying in a pool of his own blood." "How about a bullet in your leg?" asked Jack, taking the liberty of giving it to him. Then Jack started pummeling The Shadow with a can of beans. After Jack knocked out The Shadow he tied him up with leather belts. The Exterminator was having a worse time. The Doctor had escaped. When Jack came in he asked The Exterminator if he won. Ashamed, The Exterminator nodded yes. "Cool, so where should we go now," asked Jack. "You go wherever the hell you want, I'm done with you." "What, you talk." "Go, now." "Okay" So Jack and The Exterminator left, and went their separate ways. Then Jack saw Feral. "Exterminator, it's Feral." The Exterminator turned around and saw feral, with 20 other ghouls behind him. Jack ran away, The Exterminator ran towards Feral. The Exterminator raised his flamer and, no ammo. Yum Brahmin 15:37, August 2, 2010 (UTC)