So Jack and The Exterminator set off on their destructive quest to kill all ghouls. Jack stole a radio from a poor scavenger without being noticed, which helped the duo pass the time in between ghoul sightings. All of these encounters ended with several fried ghouls on the ground. Sometime after they got their radio Jack heard Three Dog giving a public service announcement about ghouls. He quickly called over The Exterminator. They heard Three Dog telling people not to hurt ghouls. This, naturally was not acceptable. They set off towards the GNR radio station with one goal, make Three Dog burn. They discovered that they had to go through a metro to get to their destination. It was during that journey in which they discovered that feral ghouls prefer dark places. When the duo left the metro they saw the armored BoS troops fighting Super Mutants. Amazed by these armored troops the Exterminator and Jack assisted the BoS troops up till the GNR building which they ran into. It was easy for them to find and kill Three Dog, but escaping the area would be harder to do. Outside the BoS were attacked by a Super Mutant Behemoth, and strangely, were being assisted by a man in a lab coat with a hunting rifle. This was the two's first encounter with a person they would later discover is known as The Doctor. The Exterminator suggested that they let him get killed by the monster while they escaped. Liking the idea Jack and The Exterminator left unnoticed. After their escape the two decided that they should set up camp and see if their actions were helping their cause. When they turned on the radio the duo's feelings of success where replaced with anger. "...and that is why our listeners should donate any available Punga Fruit, Rad-X and Rad-Away to the hug a ghoul foundation. Thank you for listening to The Doctor, right here at GNR." Then the two realized that their work wasn't done, and that as long as The Doctor was alive, then their goal was going to be farther away. "You know what we have to do right," said Jack. The Exterminator nodded and picked up his Flamer. The two set off at night towards GNR, The Doctor’s last known location. Unknown to them, there was another person looking for The Doctor, and this one had been hiding in the shadow's near the two's camp for their whole conversation. As soon as Tom heard what was going to happen, he knew he had to stop it. In that moment, petty thief Tom Nedry died, and The Hero was born in his stead. Yum Brahmin 20:07, August 1, 2010 (UTC)