Jack was a sad young child, but his childhood is still worth noteing as it explains his current state. He was born outside of a vault, but his father gained himself and Jack entry. When he was 1 and a half he had commited his first crime. He had a habit of taking the other children's toys. On his tenth birthday he stole all of the party guest's possesions without being noticed. Later when his father and a friend had a suprise for him Jack stole the friends things too. As his childhood progressed his ability to steal became uncanny. He was capable of picking locks, hacking computers and no-one's pocket's were safe from his skills. He eventually grew tired of taking his friend's possesions and started taking from gaurds and even the overseer. The only clue to his thefts came in the form of a GOAT, but the teacher dismissed the thought. Jack was no longer satisfied with the vault's limitations. When his father left, Jack saw it as an oppurtunity to find new people to steal from. So Jack left the vault and found Megaton. Jack stole everything that wasn't nailed down. Local Sherrif Lucas Simms had been very upset recently because all of the previous Megaton residents had been killed by a clean freak with a flamer. He only discovered Jack because Jack showed up, then everyone came with theft complaints. Lucas went to find Jack but as he went towards Morairaty's Saloon he heard a beeping noise from the atomic bomb at the town's center. Lucas ran up to the saloon to find Mr. Burke, a suspect in the attempted destruction of Megaton only to find that he wasn't there. Then the bomb exploded. Jack was at Tenpenny Tower at the time, with a happy Mr. Burke and Mr. Tenpenny. Later Tenpenny tower was attacked by Ghouls, including one with long, sharp nails. Jack saw a hero in a radiation suit with a flamer fighting the long-nailed ghoul. Thankful for the disraction Jack fled the tower. He saw the warrior in yellow leave calmly, and amazed ran up to him. The man raised his flamer as Jack approached, but Jack hurridely explained that he was from a vault to which the man responded with kindness. Then they left together on a quest to kill all ghouls on the planet. This article is a tribute to Pvt. Jasper 42's stories of The Exterminator and Feral. This is also on the "Character Backstory" forum page also by me.

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