I was just thinking the other day i remembered coming across a few items I hadnt seen anywhere else. Aka, they where unique. Like i cant think too specifically but i remember there was like a museum with a bunch of old unique items. Lots of the items werent even weapons or armor. And if there are more items like those scattered across the waste land im sure many others like myself would love to collect them all and display them in those semi-recent display cases. And there are also unique Npcs. Buddy i think is his name, a robot that dispenses beer and other beverages. And those random encounter guard dogs, or those dogs you can purchase from the super mutant in Far Harbor. Or maybe even the Npcs that sell unique items. Those Npcs could be considered unique because they sell unique items. Or the Npcs that manage tier 4 shops could be unique. And there could be more, much more examples. These are just the ones that i know of. I would really love to see some page implemented so me and many others could search for the items/ npcs that nobody has.