• Yugiohtipman34

    Fallout 1 help

    October 18, 2011 by Yugiohtipman34

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I need some help with my Fallout 1 game. I downloaded it from Good Old Games a while back, and played it on my laptop. A few days ago I installed it again on a desktop, meeting more than the requirements for the game. Finally, when it finished the installation and tried playing, it just showed a black screen and made an error sound. I pressed the start button on the keyboard and it showed an applicaation error message saying this:

    "The instruction at 00c22023 referenced memory at 00000000 The memory could not be read from

    Click on OK to terminate the application"

    Are there any solutions to this? The laptop is broken and I currently cannot play it. Would really appreciate the help.

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  • Yugiohtipman34

    On July 26th, Jason Bergman replied to a user on the Bethesda Forums, saying that the Fallout: New Vegas DLC Lonesome Road "will be out in August. We delayed OWB because of the patch. We don't have that worry with LR."

    We will probably see a more exact date very soon.

    Here is a link to the thread:

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