I'm new to working with wikis. However, I am obsessed with the Fallout Universe, so much to the point where I've written a full-length backstory to Marcus. By the way, it all matches canon. It's called Mark's Story, as Marcus used to be Mark (Fallout) before his mutation at Mariposa. Anyway, it follows Mark as a boy and Francine leaving Vault 14 after being exiled as a result of discovering the sad truth about the Vault (it's another experiment). He travels to Vault 8 to meet Richard Moreau, the Hub to meet Harold, now human, and to Mariposa, to meet his fate at the hands of the radiation. Of course, he'll have his share of random encounters along the way, including the original, more advanced Festus (Fallout: New Vegas), John-Caleb Bradberton, and even an escapee from Vault 87, whose son has mutated into a centaur. I'll post the Vault 14 story in a while, but I'd love to get feedback if you all have the time to read it. And, again, it's all canon. That's my top priority.

Finally, here's the inroduction narrative to Fallout: Mark's Story.

War. War never changes. In the year 2077, the Great War sent the world into an era of emptiness and danger. After countless mushroom clouds engulfed the Earth on that fateful day of October 23, most of Earth's population had perished. However, those who had survived had lived in Vaults, protective bunkers made to preserve America's future generations after atomic war. Years after the bombs had dropped, most of the vaults had opened and begun to repopulate. GECKs were used to rebuild the world by creating life and clean water sources. The world was rebuilding. Mark is a child living in the tribe of Animatus, a tribe devoted to animals. Each citizen has a soul animal that will accompany them throughout their lives. However, Mark is different. He does not have a soul animal. He may not be the first, but his village still is not pleased with his presence...

"Wake up, honey. It's time for school." Lupo awoke and opened his eyes to see his grandmother sitting by his bedside. She was wearing another one of her hand-woven ponchos and was sipping her glass of pomegranate juice. She had somewhat of an unhealthy craving for pomegranates. She had a garden behind her hut devoted solely to pomegranate trees. Lupo could smell his grandmother's fruity breath as he sat up in his bed and let out a ferocious yawn, almost like a howl. "Grrr," he uttered between yawns. Lupo was not a morning person. He always had trouble waking up and was constantly late for school. However, he never managed to fall asleep at night. He would spent hours upon hours staring at the moon as it passed over his head at night. He felt a state of tranquility at night, the silence emitting a calm aura around him. Each morning, though, he'd still loathe the sound of the town farmer's rooster welcoming the new day with its mighty song. Today was no different from any other day. He'd wake up to his grandmother's soothing voice, get out of this straw bed, and walk to the table to eat his daily breakfast of Sugar Bombs. His grandmother would sit down next to him with a glass of pomegranate juice in one hand and her shrew, Mickey, in the other. She had named him after a famous mouse that she had read about in an old pre-war book, and Mickey didn't seem to mind. He'd just twitch his nose and nibble on the slice of pomegranate that the grandmother had given him. Lupo was eating his last spoonful of Sugar Bombs when Grandmama had told him about Swin. "He went missing today," she said in a casual tone. Swin was considered to be a fool by the townspeople, as he would rant and scream about the outside world. Of course, people had learned to ignore him after a few years. He was not one to be missed, so his disappearance was not a particularly sad tale. "You know, I feel sorry for the crazy old kook. He never harmed anybody, anyways. I just hope I don't end up like he did in a few years." Lupo's grandmother let out a small chuckle and left to go make herself her morning pomegranate smoothie. Lupo watched Mickey nibble his fruit on his grandmother's shoulder as she walked away. He felt a sense of loneliness as he saw Mickey rub up against her shoulder. Lupo longed for an animal; he was one of the only villagers not to have an animal. It was a rarity to not have a soul animal, so school was tough for Lupo. He was constantly made fun of by his peers, calling him a freak and an abomination. Lupo had learned to get over the constant abuse, but he couldn't help but wish how much better his life would be had he received a soul animal. Soul animals share a special bond with their owner, treating each other as equals. They share emotions, pain, and power with their companion. Humans would find their soul animal at the age of ten, where they, along with a Pip-Boy 3000, an advanced wrist computer and GPS, would be sent to the Destined Forest. Here, they would camp out and live off the land for a week, avoiding danger appearing as animals or radiation. In this week, the human would find his animal in the woods and bond instantly. When the week is over the child and their newfound friend would be sent back to the village to live with their lifelong companion. Lupo, however, returned from his weeklong journey without a soul animal by his side. The incident angered the village elder, Hawkins, who was fairly prejudiced against individuals without soul animals. He, like many others in the village, considered these people to be an abomination to Mother Earth. So, as Lupo returned from the Destined Woods those seven painful years ago, Hawkins had ordered him and his grandmother to move into the most run down hut in the village. Lupo, however, seemed accustomed to the hut, and paid no mind to it. Still, Lupo wished that he could be a normal villager. He wished that he would no longer have to suffer the torment thrust upon him by his peers. He wished that he could fall asleep with an animal companion by his side. Lupo let out a deep sigh, got up from the table, and headed to school. The school in the village was fairly well-built, much unlike Lupo's home. It was built with two stories of bricks, and a bronze bell sat atop the building. School was five days a week, Sunday through Thursday, and each student took five classes: Math, Reading, Science, Village History, and Soul Animal Training. Lupo, of course, could not attend his final class; instead, he would stay behind in History class and read up on past occurrences. He read about other people who had lived in the village without a soul animal, and it made him feel less alone and more normal. After the day was over, he'd wait for his only friend, Francine, to meet him at the front of the school. Unlike the rest of his classmates, Francine was always happy to see Lupo, even after his tenth birthday. After all, she hadn't found her soul animal, either. She was a year older and excelled in all of her classes, but she was, as Lupo had been, banned from attending Soul Animal Training. Instead, she would walk to the library and play with her Pip-Boy 3000. Francine was a wiz when it came to programming her Pip-Boy, and Lupo would often find her staring at its screen for hours on end, searching the many components of the device. People would go to her for technical help, like how to check for illnesses or item scanning. And regardless of how accommodating and helpful she was, people still treated her as an outcast. Francine hadn't let the neglect get to her until that day, when she finally succumbed to the hatred thrust upon her. "I'm going to get a soul animal, Lupo. Somehow, I'll find one." Lupo seemed slightly surprised at Francine's statement. Lupo had never seen her express any interest in having an animal. And now, her sudden change of heart had caught Lupo by surprise. He stood next to her quietly for a few seconds. Francine couldn't help but look into Lupo's eyes and let out a small tear. She collapsed to the ground and started to cry mercilessly. Lupo could only watch as Francine broke down before him. She was in the floor for twenty minutes until she finally sniffled, rubbed her eyes, and proceeded to get onto her feet. "Well, see you, Lupo," she said in a surprisingly peppy tone as she unlocked the door to her shack and went in. She closed the door behind her as Lupo stood in astonishment. Amusing she was simply having a moment, Lupo recollected his senses and walked back to his lowly hut. His grandmother welcomed him with a homely smile, Mickey on her shoulder, and a large bowl of pomegranates on the table. Lupo proceeded to wolf down the pomegranates as his grandmother asked him about his day. "So, Lupo, did anything interesting happen today?" Lupo thought for a moment about telling his grandmother about Francine's breakdown, but decided to ignore it. Lupo simply shook his head and walked over the straw couch to rest. "Well, they haven't found anything about Swin yet," she said. "I think he's gone for good. But this village so small, where could he have gone?" By then, Lupo was fast asleep, snoring heavily, like a deep growling. Lupo's grandmother... Lupo woke up to the sound of Francine's voice. "Wake up, Lupo. It's me, Francine. Wake up." Lupo opened his eyes. It was pitch black out, and he could barely make out Francine's face looming directly over him. "Come on Lupo, follow me." Too tired to argue, Lupo rolled out of bed and followed her out of his hut. He and Francine had reached the city's gates before Lupo realized where they were going. No villager had ever gone past the gates without disappearing. Beyond that point, wandering soul animals are said attack anyone on sight. Even the village elder did not dare cross the gates; only two guards watch the outside from behind the fence. Only Swin had dared leave the village in the past ten years, and his disappearance had convinced Lupo that leaving the village, even for a short while, would have disastrous result for the both of them. By the time he had come to his senses, Francine had already slipped past the drowsy guards and was beaming north towards the woods. Lupo, knowing that Francine would be killed in minutes without any support, knocked out one of the guards from behind. He hit the ground with a light thud, catching the attention of the second guard. As he went to investigate his unconscious comrade, Lupo took out the second guard with a well-aimed punch, knocking him on top of the first guard in a neat pile. Both guards laid motionless atop the ground as Lupo looted the guards, taking their R91 assault rifles and the small amount of ammo he could find. He ran to catch up to Francine, who had already disappeared into the woods. By the time Lupo had caught up with her, she was already standing at the edge of the woods, gazing up at the large metal wall that towered over her. Francine stood in awe as Lupo stood beside her, also mesmerized at the sight. A few feet away from them was a metal door. Francine approached it carefully, and after one step, the door opened, like a gate to a castle. Still in a hurry to escape the guards, who were approaching the end of woods, the two dashed through the doorway as it closed behind them. The two let out a sigh of relief and caught their breath. Lupo handed Francine the R91, but she refused it. Whatever was past these doors, she could handle peacefully. They took a few more steps forward and found themselves in a dark and musty room. They both could hear a faint growling from afar. They took one more step forward and suddenly the room grew immensely bright. Lupo and Francine were blinded, and recovered in a few seconds only to see a large metal room filled with labeled cages. Inside some the cages were various animals, eating trying their hardest to break free of their cage. The sight had overwhelmed Francine, and she collapsed on the floor. Lupo wanted to comfort her, but his sights were locked on a particular cage. The cage was labeled "Ospira, Francine". Lupo was astounded. He began to look at the other cages and discovered that the labels named a resident from town. He found Swin's cage, which was empty. He found his grandmother's, which was also empty. The cage was particularly small compared to the others. Suddenly, Lupo had remembered Mickey and Swin's pig. He looked back at Swin's cage and noted that the cage was just the right size for a juvenile pig. A light went off in Lupo's head: people's soul animals were kept here before their ten-year-old owners had connected with them. He looked back at Francine, who was still sobbing, and went up to her cage. Much to his amazement, there was an animal inside. However, the animal was not alive; a dead hawk lay at the base of the cage. Lupo cringed at the sight of the half-skeletonized bird and decided not to show Francine what he had found. Instead, he began to search for his own cage. He had no success and his search was stopped by a pounding on the door through which they had entered. The two assumed that the guards had awoken, so Lupo and Francine bolted for the nearest exit on the opposite side of the room. They sprinted down the hallway until they approached what appeared to be a giant gear embedded into the wall. The gear towered over them, standing at about ten feet tall. However, the most peculiar thing about it was not the size, but the number inscribed on it: 14. Neither Lupo nor Francine knew anything about the importance of the number, but their attention was diverted as a guard grabbed Francine by the arm and violently tugged at her. Instantly, Lupo ran up to the guard and tackled him. The guard lost his stance, and Francine fell to the ground. The guard tried to regain his balance, but Lupo was already busy pummeling the guard with his fists. He could not react, and continued to take the blows that Lupo was delivering. By the time Lupo had tuckered out, the guard was spitting up blood and gasping for air. Lupo left him bleeding and went to reunite with Francine, who was still in shock from the prior events. Still, they needed to find a way out, otherwise they'd be in huge trouble with the villagers. They had already entered a forbidden area, stolen weapons, and beaten up two guards in the last thirty minutes. The two were searching frantically for some sort of exit. In sheer panic, Francine pulled on a lever in the corner of the room. The two heard a loud rumbling noise from behind them. They turned and saw a large mechanical arm reaching for the gear. It latched on and slowly pulled the large get out of place. They couldn't help but drip their jaws as a new pathway was revealed behind the gear. But the pathway was not metal, like the building. Instead, it seems to be made of rock, like a cave. And at the end of the pathway, rays of light creeped through the holes in a door. Left with no other option, Francine and Lupo approached the door. They opened it.