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    Mark's Story

    April 4, 2012 by Youhala

    I'm new to working with wikis. However, I am obsessed with the Fallout Universe, so much to the point where I've written a full-length backstory to Marcus. By the way, it all matches canon. It's called Mark's Story, as Marcus used to be Mark (Fallout) before his mutation at Mariposa. Anyway, it follows Mark as a boy and Francine leaving Vault 14 after being exiled as a result of discovering the sad truth about the Vault (it's another experiment). He travels to Vault 8 to meet Richard Moreau, the Hub to meet Harold, now human, and to Mariposa, to meet his fate at the hands of the radiation. Of course, he'll have his share of random encounters along the way, including the original, more advanced Festus (Fallout: New Vegas), John-Caleb Bradbe…

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